Faculty of Forestry UGM, 21st March 2019 — Forestry Education Commission (FenC) of IFSA LC UGM had held Focus Group Discussion tittled  “Paris Agreement: What to Expect?” in order to gave participants more information about the overview of Paris Agreement, urgency of Paris Agreement, also academics and Indonesia‘s position as one of the country who had signed & ratified the Paris Agreement. When we have knowledge about it, we have to support and control the progress of Paris Agreement implementation.

This discussion was conducted in Bahasa and the participants were the member of IFSA LC UGM and also students of Faculty of Forestry UGM. As a Master of Ceremony (MC), Nabila Hafsari, opened the event by giving greetings and invited President of IFSA LC UGM, Arifah Hidayati, to deliver a speech. Then, the MC introduced the Moderator, Andreas Ade Kristian (Silviculture 2014). We invited the Head of Forest Management Department, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Maryudi, S.Hut., M.For  as our speaker and let him delivers subject the of the discussion. Afterward, the Moderator guided the discussion session.

Paris Agreement is an international treaties in United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that replace Kyoto Protocol in combating climate change with mitigation scheme, accompaniment, and funding. We also know that Indonesia had been signed and ratified Paris Agreement and also registered Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). The NDCs declare the reduction of Indonesia’s carbon emissions total 29% independently and 41% by international cooperation. Furthermore, academics and researcher in Indonesia are involved, especially for the making process national policies.

Based on the material that had been conveyed by Mr. Maryudi, climate change does not have serious threat to human existence as well as the environment, but climate change do exist. The only way to fight against climate change is by conducting collaborative action from all countries in the world. It is also the best way to prepare either developed countries and developing countries to adapt with climate change. By joining Focus Group Discussion “Paris Agreement: What to Expect?” we also broaden our knowledge about the history of human on combating climate change. Starting from human concerns about changing of climate conditions, raised climate change issues inside the UN forum, held Earth Summit in 1992, establishment of UNFCCC, and organize the Conference of the Parties (COP). We can not turn away from climate change that will cause destructive effect to our Earth, such as the increasement of global temperature, rising sea levels, and extreme weather. As youth we have to take actions right now to mitigate and adapt climate change, also improve human welfare. Youth can fight against climate change through planting trees, reducing emission waste, creative environment challenges, and controlling government policies in climate change mitigation. Don’t wait until we running out of time!

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