20 Sep

World Nature Conservation Day: Let Elephants be Elephants

World Nature Conservation day was celebrated on July 28th across the world in order to raise awareness to protecting nature and conserving our natural resources. Due to the rapid development process is putting pressure on the natural resources like air, water, forests, wildlife, fossil fuels & minerals, so that Nature Conservation management is the best way to  manage and utilize the natural resources.



Group photo session in Creative Friday Discussion, Let Elephants be Elephants


Forestry Education Commission of IFSA LC UGM held Creative Friday Discussion (CIRCUS) with following theme “Let Elephants be Elephants”. This is the way we celebrate World Nature Conservation Day to challenge youth participation in increasing awareness of elephant conservation.

There are two great speakers, Mr. Alexander Markus Mossbrucker, founder of Sumatran Elephant Conservation Initiative (SECI) and Mr. Hari Palguna, consultant and culture expert in GembiraLoka Zoo, Yogyakarta. Mr. Mossbrucker as the first speaker shared his experiences about elephant conservation in Sumatra and what he and his foundation has been done in conserving elephant. Mr. Palguna as the second speaker explained about elephant ex-situ conservation that has been done in GembiraLoka Zoo.

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