Saturday, April 24th 2021 || For the first time, Human Resource Development Commission of IFSA LC UGM held the workshop project in 2021. The objectives of the workshop project are to provide insight and knowledge about personal branding, to introduce LinkedIn and how to create a LinkedIn account, and to increase skills in writing a LinkedIn profile of IFSA LC UGM members.

For this project we invited Mr. Ikhbal Fadillah to become the speaker and show us his know-hows. Mr. Ikhbal Fadillah is very well versed in LinkedIn, he uses it to connect his personal branding profile to other people, to get the recommendation from people, and to showcase his soft skills and various experiences.

Before the event started Mr. Ikhbal gave us a few important points where what we do in life should be valuable to other people, relate back to our goals, and we should never give up on whatever we are doing. Then he talked about CVs and what makes a good CV. He mentioned that to make our CV better, it should showcase our best photo, have an interesting headline, tell our journey, and be up to date. Then he ended his presentation with a quote, “The key of personal branding is telling your journey story, genuine, and be valuable”.

At the Q&A session, we allowed at least two participants to pose their questions and in turn, they will get an opportunity for doorprize. There were 24 participants also who followed the event with respect. We, as the committee, are very thankful to all participants because the workshop went smoothly from beginning to end. We hope participants are able to learn about something from our event and we wish for the success of future projects.