World Food Day 2017: Zero Hunger

World Food Day (WFD) esthablished by FAO’s member countries at the organization’s 20th general conference in 1979. WFD is celebrated each year on October, 16th. WFD aims to educate people across the world about hygienic and nutrious food. WFD is a chance to combat Sustainable Development Goals number 2 Zero Hunger by 2030. So, the theme of WFD 2017 was Zero Hunger

Zero hunger has created starvation for people around the world. Though, food and nutritious are abundant, it can’t be guaranteed. Did you know? 800 million people who suffer from zero hunger, most of them comes from developing countries and 45 % infant death are related to malnutrition.  What will happen if no body want to combate zero hunger together?  So, in this year, IFSA LC UGM celebrated WFD 2017 by making wall magazine with theme as same as WFD 2017’s theme. All of the content were designed by Media Commission then we printed it. The wall magazine was dedicated to spread zero hunger and increase the awereness to combate zero hunger together to all students in Faculty of Forestry UGM. By combating zero hunger together, we can achieve food and security, improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture with good health and well-being. Wanna know more about zero hunger? Lets check our new wall magazine in front of FKT’s Library! Happy reading!


World Food Day Wall Magazine 2017 by IFSA LC UGM


Media Commissioners finished making WFD Wall Magazine