Press Release Wall Magazine Project

Author: Nurul Ramadhanty Aos

Wall Magazine Design

27th September 2020─Wall Magazine is a project from the Media and Communication Commission IFSA LC UGM, where we make a bulletin board with a specific theme. This project theme is COVID-19 and the Environment. Through this content, we want to share the relationship between the Coronavirus pandemic and the environment. The committee searches the topics to be displayed, create content, design the bulletin board, and make a video animation. We uploaded the bulletin board at social media Instagram (@ifsalcugm) and video animation at YouTube IFSA LC UGM.

As we know, the Coronavirus pandemic affects many sectors such as health, economic, social, and also the environment. This project focus on the environmental sector. The first content is about air pollution that may increase the risk of death from COVID-19 and other coronavirus infections. The second is about plastic problems during COVID-19. The third is about the budget were made available for conservation action to against COVID-19 impacts. The last content is about government action.

COVID-19 has many correlations with environmental aspects. The Media and Communication Commission IFSA LC UGM dedicate to share new insights about the correlation between COVID-19 and environmental aspects. We also include a QR code to the bulletin board and video animation. The public can see the trusting source and journal that we use to make wall magazine content though that QR code. Wall magazine project is one of the contribution forms of IFSA LC UGM to the Faculty of Forestry, Gadjah Mada University.

Video Animation of Wall Magazine

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