Press Release Wall Magazine 2021 “The Increase of Plastic Waste as a Pandemic Impact”

17th October 2021 – Wall magazine is an annual project from Media and Communication Commission IFSA LC UGM. In this project, we made content in the form of an infographic poster and an educational video based on a specific theme. The theme for this year’s wall magazine is “The Increase of Plastic Waste as a Pandemic Impact”. Through this theme, we would like to share the knowledge about how the coronavirus pandemic is making a big impact on the increase of plastic waste. We uploaded the poster on our instagram (@ifsalcugm) and the video on our YouTube channel (IFSA LC UGM).


During the pandemic, the government issued a policy to stay at home which caused people’s habits to change. We are required to always wear masks and change masks every 8 hours when we go outside. In addition, at this moment, people rely more on food delivery because restaurants are closed for in-house dining. As a result, food delivery frequently wrapped with layers of plastic packaging caused more plastic waste to be produced. With this phenomenon, plastic waste continues to grow causing negative impacts on the environment.


Therefore, we aimed to share facts about this issue and offer several solutions to overcome it, including recycling and degradation of plastics. We included a QR code that contains links to articles, journals, and videos related to the contents so that readers can get more information from trusted sources through the QR. With this wall magazine, we hope that the public will be aware of the condition of plastic waste so that we can reduce or even prevent its impact.

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