Forestry Faculty UGM, November 9th, 2017- IFSA LC UGM in collaboration with SWIFT English School had held the TOEFL Test on November 9th, 2017. The aim of this event is to increase the students’ ability to get better score. So, before taking the real TOEFL Test, they could train here.

Test of English as a Foreign Language Test or TOEFL Test is one of the most popular English proficiency test around the world. It is a standar test to measure up the English language ability of non-native speakers. TOEFL Test is generally used by international universities and professional institutions. There are two types of TOEFL Test. The first is Internet-based Test (IBT) and the second is Paper-based Test (PBT). We held the TOEFL PBT.

There are four sectio of TOEFL PBT. The skills tested are reading, listening, structure and written expression, reading comprehension, and writing. The whole duration of the test was 2 hours and 30 minutes. The TOEFL Test ranges between 310 and 677.

This TOEFL Test is the final agenda of the series TOEFL Preparation each month before. This event was free for only forestry students in Faculty of Forestry, Universitas Gadjah Mada. The Test began with the opening session of the project officer of this event, Alnus Meinata. Then SWIFT English School took over the event for TOEFL Test.

The participants of this event was for about 20 people. The registration began from 9 am. After the TOEFL Test, the participants could leave the place and the report of the test will be announced a week later. Participant who wants to get the printed certificate can pay for 50.000 IDR.

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