Press Release The 4th APRM 2017 Part I


15th May 2017 was 1st day of The 4th Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Indonesia. It was very great day for all of delegates from Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Iran and The Philippines. Here we had some activities for 1st day :

1. Opening Ceremony, four students of IPB danced traditional dance from Indonesia with traditional instrument as known as Kendang.


2. Keynote speech, keynote speech was given by Dr. Ir. Agus Justianto, M,Sc as the representative of Ministry of Forestry and Environment Indonesia.


3. APRM Lecturer, there were 2 sessions for APRM Lecturer. First we disscused about Non Forest Timber Product. The materials were given by Mr. Dudung and Mr. Fauzi as lecturer from IPB. We disscused about social forestry and paper making in the second session. The materials were given by Mr. Dodik And Mr. Petrus as Head of April Group.


4. Delegates Presentation. The theme of presentation is Forest Value Towards Sustainable Development Goals and divided into 2 groups. Group 1 presented about Forest Community and Group 2 about Climate Change. Every group presented their presentation for 10 minutes and QnA session for 5 minutes.
5. Campus Tour, by IPB Bus all delegates visited every faculty in IPB and IPB has special architecture from their building. The form is hexagonal!


6.Auction Night. Here all delegates auctioned everything from their country. And the sales revenue will be given to IFSA Development Fund.

Want to know more about our activity in 2nd Day? We’ll go to Gunung Walat University Forest for field trip. So, stay tuned IFSA Fellas!
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