Press Release The 4th APRM 2017 Part II


Today, we attended Global Landscape Forum (GLF) Peatlands Matter in JS Luwansa Hotel and Convention Center, Jakarta. This event is started by Peter Homlgren as CIFOR’s Director General. GLF consisted of plenary session and break out session. In first plenary session, we talked about local community who live near peatlands.


One of them is Emmanuel Shinta, a young speaker who told us about forest fire in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. In second plenary session, we had discussion about opportunity and challenge in peatlands. We had five speakers including Mr. Nazir Foead from Peat Restoration Agency. Mr. Nazir Foead said “We need collaboration between actors who contribute in peatlands sector.” In break out session, there were four themes such as forest health, financial management, livelihood and community, and carbon stock. Lastly, we conducted IFSA’s session that encourage us to more contribute in saving peatlands.

istana bogor

In May 19th, 2017, we went to Bogor Botanical Garden. We arrived at 9 PM and caught up by the guide. Her name is Vina. She said, ” Bogor Botanical Garden collects all plants from all region in Indonesia.”
First, we looked Kampas trees as the biggest tree in this place. Then, we moved to memorial monument of Lady Raffles and took a picture. After that, we went around for one hour until we arrived at Bogor Palace. We conducted traditional games there were ‘makan kerupuk’ , ‘balap karung’, ‘balap kelereng’, and ‘balap balon’ at 1 PM. The winner got a gift from the OC that was a sundanese musical instrument pin. After we finished the awarding session, we bought some souvenirs for our friends and went back to Amarilis inn.


In the last day of the 4th APRM, we went to Sindang Barang Cultural Village. It took two hours to went there. At first, we welcomed by Angklung Gubrag perfomances. After that, we divided into two groups. Generally, we had same activities but in different order. First, We trained to play angklung with traditional songs, Gundul Gundul Pacul and Burung Kakaktua. Then, we learned how to make a batik. We used canting to draw on a fabric. After that, we made a traditional weapon and practiced Jaipong. The last, we played traditional games boy-boyan, bakiak, and egrang. At 1pm, we went to Pusat Grosir Bogor. We bought some souvenirs in that place. We went back to IPB at 3pm. For last event of the 4th APRM, we held cultural night. In this event, we perfomed Indang Barang dance from Sumatera. The 4th APRM was closed by enjoying food stand from delegates country.

Press Release The 4 APRM 2017 Part I

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