Saturday, 12th June 2021 || With the theme ‘Self Explore by Exploring Through Scholarship’, Human Resource Development Commission held the first Talkshow in June, 2021. Talkshow #1’s objectives are to provide information regarding the urgency and knowledge of student exchange scholarships and also increase the enthusiasm of participants in registering for student exchange activities in the forestry sector.

In this project we invited Mr. Bayu Anggita Kusuma as a speaker. Mr. Bayu Anggita is one of the Forestry Undergraduate Students at Universitas Gadjah Mada who received a student exchange scholarship through JASSO (Japanese Association Student Support Organization) Exchange Program Awardee and already has a lot of experience during the selection stage.

Mr. Bayu explained that there are several things to get the scholarship, with the main condition being a 4th year active student. Another requirement is to send administrative documents and registration forms. The next stage is an interview session related to the research plan to be carried out, the activities, and the advantages and disadvantages that we have. Mr. Bayu also explained his struggles, the benefits, and the activities after receiving the scholarship. Due to the pandemic, Mr. Bayu hasn’t been able to come to Japan and only attends online classes. Last, he said “if you want to get a scholarship, you must be consistent and always remember the life plan that has been written”.

At the Q & A session there were 7 questions from participants, and the best two questions were awarded with door prizes. Overall, there were 46 people attended Talkshow #1. We as the committee would like to thank the participants who have enlivened this event. We hope that all our objectives in this event can be delivered and many forestry students will receive this scholarship.