Author: Tara Aulia Nurhadi

On 28th August 2021, Human Resource Development (HRD) Commission held a project called Open Door Day with the theme “Together, Unboxing a Gift from IFSA LC UGM”. This event aims to introduce IFSA and IFSA LC UGM to the new students of Faculty of Forestry, to share the experience of members of IFSA LC UGM who had been a delegate for IFSA, as well as promoting IFSA and IFSA LC UGM to new students to be interested in becoming a member of IFSA LC UGM. This year, Open Door Day was held online via Google Meet due to the COVID-19 pandemic which is still not over. At this event, seven speakers presented about IFSA, IFSA LC UGM, experiences as an IFSA delegate, experiences as a member of IFSA LC UGM, and experiences as a supervisor of IFSA LC UGM.

There are four sessions in this event, first was a welcome remark from the project officer of Open Door Day, President of IFSA LC UGM, and Supervisor of IFSA LC UGM. The second was a sharing and presentation session from all speakers, followed by a question and answer (QnA) session, and a quiz session via Quizizz to find out the understanding of the participants in this event. The first session starts with a sharing session from Mr. Mochamat Gunawan Wibisono, S.Hut. M.Hum., M.Sc. as the supervisor of IFSA LC UGM. He explained many things that can be obtained during college. By participating in organizational activities, we can improve skills such as teamwork, communication, time management, manners, and learn how to adapt to a new environment. He said that by joining IFSA LC UGM, there’s a lot of chance to have a student relation with other forestry students from different countries and cultures that can be a way to access information about the environment and forestry in another country.

The second speaker is Christina Ayu Andari, president of IFSA LC UGM who explained about IFSA World. She explained about the structure of IFSA World and the history of IFSA that was formed in 1994 with the headquarter in Breisgau, Germany. With more than 130 Local Committees (LC) spread across 5 continents and 7 regions, IFSA LC UGM is one of the LC in the Asia-Pacific Region that is located in the Faculty of Forestry Universitas Gadjah Mada. The Board of IFSA, also known as IFSA 7, is made up of positions such as president, vice president, executive secretary, and outgoing treasurer that are selected through an annual event called the International Forestry Students’ Symposium (IFSS). Other international events that can be participated by members of IFSA LC UGM are Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM), United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA), and Global Landscape Forum (GLF) Bonn Digital Conference. IFSA LC UGM members are also actively participating as members of IFSA World. This year, Dewanti Uma Rahmaningtyas of IFSA LC UGM was selected to be the Head of Design Sub Commission in IFSA.

The third speaker is Rhatasya Kana Azzahra as Vice President of IFSA LC UGM  who explained about IFSA LC UGM. She said that IFSA LC UGM is a part of IFSA World which is located in the Asia-Pacific region and was established in 2002. Other LCs in Indonesia are available in Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Universitas Lambung Mangkurat (ULM), Institut Teknologi Bogor (ITB), and Universitas Hasanuddin (Unhas). Then, she explained about the 4 commissions in IFSA LC UGM, which are Human Resource Development (HRD), Media and Communication (Medco), Language, and Forestry Education (FenC). Then, she introduced the structure of the organization in IFSA LC UGM starts from the direction which consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and the members such as commissioners, internees, consulting members, and ordinary members. The President of IFSA LC UGM this year is Christina Ayu Andari, with Ratasya Kana Azzahra as vice president, Sabila Nabicati Musyafa as secretary, and Etha Widyahastari as treasurer.  Then, IFSA LC UGM also has four heads of commissioner (HoC), which consists of Zinedine Agustine Damayanti as HoC of Human Resource Development, Dewanti Uma Rahmaningtyas as HoC of Media and Communication, Teuku Moch. Alif M.R as HoC of Language, and Rizka Afif Muhammad as HoC of Forestry Education. After that, she also explained some of the projects from IFSA LC UGM like wall magazine from Medco, ILU_POD from Language, I-NEW WAR from FenC, IFSA Time from HRD, and General Assembly. She then told the participant “IFSA LC UGM members have a really good bonding, amazing teamwork, and have a tight network with the alumni.

After an explanation about IFSA LC UGM from the third speaker, the fourth speaker who explained delegation is Faiha Azka Azzahira. She shares her experiences as a delegate for the 8th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM)  in Hokkaido, Japan. But because the pandemic is still not over, therefore this event was held online. Then, she explained that this annual event aims to gather IFSA members from Asia-Pacific to discuss environmental issues and to introduce each country’s cultural diversity. This event is held for 3 consecutive days consisting of discussions on environmental issues, paper presentations, and IFSA Day to select regional representatives. There is also a session to introduce each culture such as food, clothes, a historical place called “International Night”. She then said that by participating in this event, there are a lot of benefits that she gets such as getting new forestry information in each country, gaining knowledge in making good documents, learning how to plan research, meeting other delegates, and improving her English language skills.

For the fifth speaker, we have Dewanti Uma Rahmaningtyas as a delegate for the 49th International Forestry Students’ Symposium (IFSS) in Québec, Canada with Rizka Afif Muhammad. However, due to conditions that are still not possible to travel due to this pandemic, therefore this event is held online. Then, she shares some information about the history of IFSS, one of the biggest annual events held by IFSA attended by the local committees from around the world. The main event from IFSS is the election of the new board called General Assembly (GA). Besides that, there are also other events such as presentations about carbon and climate change, a workshop about innovative ideas on forestry, and international nights to introduce the culture of each participant’s country. By participating in this delegation, she gained a lot of experience such as learning how to form international level documents, knowing good research systematics, representing IFSA LC UGM in international forums, and gaining good relations. She then closed the presentation by quoting a saying from Oliver Villemaire-Cote, a presentator from Canada “To build a healthy forest, silviculture needs to stop following the money timeframe and bring back the forest timeframe”.

The next speaker, a delegate for the 5th United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) we have Rizka Afif Muhammad. This event is held every two years in Nairobi, Kenya to make important decisions at the world level, which is attended by 193 countries. The theme for the 5th UNEA is strengthening action for nature to achieve sustainable development goals. At this event, Afif is one of the lucky participants who were able to attend this assembly with the other four participants. He was able to meet with the leaders from many countries and understand the plans and strategies of each country. Even though he was only a participant and didn’t have a direct discussion with the world leaders and ministers, he still got a lot of new experiences that opened his insight into nature, especially forests. At the end of the presentation, he said, “don’t hesitate to join the delegation, because there are many opportunities that are a shame to miss”.

At last, we have Arifah Hidayati, an alumnus who’s sharing her experience as a member of IFSA LC UGM. She started the presentation by describing IFSA. According to her, IFSA is a safe place to learn English, find people with the same thought, and a place to get the latest global forestry information. IFSA LC UGM helps her to find the courage to try new things and supportive friends. There’s a lot of activities in IFSA LC UGM such as wall magazine, video editing workshop, English club, creative discussion forum, and others. During her time as a member of IFS LC UGM, she has also been a delegate for the 48th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bangkok, Thailand. At the end of this session, she said, “Join IFSA, and you’ll be surprised with the outcomes. If I got to turn back time, I’ll still choose IFSA LC UGM”.

After listening to all the speakers, we had a Q&A session with the participants. There are 5 participants who ask about the IFSA and IFSA LC UGM. Some of the questions are related to the delegation such as what are the weekly activities during the delegation for UNEA and where are the results of the resolution along with the realization delivered. These questions were answered by Rizka Afif Muhammad as a delegate for UNEA. He said that the weekly activities that were attended included the inauguration of the committee, core activities regarding the submission of resolutions and strategies from each country, and deliberation agreements on the draft resolution. And for the results or the UNEA draft resolutions as the main key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are publicly accessible. Then after this Q&A session, we played a game in Quizizz to find out how much the participants understand the materials that had been delivered by the speakers. Most of the participants answered correctly during this game. At the end of the game, we have Clara Citra Arundati from General Forestry 2021 as a winner.

Documentation session

Before the event ended, we had a documentation session with all the participants. We as the committee would like to thank all participants who participated in this event. We hope that all the participants had a great time at this event and get motivated to join as a member at IFSA LC UGM.