Press Release of the WORKSHOP “Control Your Time, Make Your Day Happy”

Author: Nabila Anggita Asyrofi 
Presentation session by Arifah Hidayati

“Time is what we want the most but we use it the worst”

—William Penn.

On 19th May 2020, Human Resource Development (HRD) Commission held a workshop project with the theme “Control Your Time, Make Your Day Happy”. The goals of this workshop are to increase the knowledge of IFSA LC UGM members about how to manage their daily time, increase the soft skills of IFSA LC UGM members to care about time management so they could be motivated from the experience of the speaker and be able to apply the knowledge about time management properly.

The workshop was held online via Skype because there was a COVID-19 pandemic. The speaker of this workshop was Arifah Hidayati. She was chosen as the speaker because she has a lot of experience in IFSA as the president of IFSA LC UGM 2019, Language Commissioner at IFSA, and UNFCCC Delegation SB 48.2 (48th Mid-intersessional Meeting of Subsidiary Bodies of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) in Bangkok, Thailand. There were two sessions in this workshop, the first was the presentation session and the second was the QnA (question and answer) session.

Question and answer session

In the presentation session, Arifah explained about time management. She focused on how to manage time in study and IFSA (organization). Arifah said that time management actually depends on the skill of each person.  Before we start to manage our time, we must know the problems that we have in managing time. The most common problems are laziness, procrastinate work, and overthinking. To solve this problem, we can do a “5 minutes rule” by not overthinking something that is not important for our life for more than 5 minutes. Arifah also gave some tips for managing time. We can make a list for daily activities according to the priority. Priority is set depending on deadlines and difficulty levels. Then, determine if we can multitask because not everyone can multitask. The most important thing that we should do is don’t hesitate to say “no” when something will only disturb our work. Other tips, we also can trigger ourselves to finish the task. Make some reward for ourselves when we finish the task. The last, do something during ‘waiting time’. Always do something when you have time because every minute is money. As a beginner, we can start to manage our time by bringing a notepad on the cell phone. It can be fully with everything we have to do in a day. 

The next session is QnA session. There was two people who ask. They asked about how we manage our time when we are under pressure and how we do not procrastinate things. After the session was finished, the speaker gave a message that time management is a lifelong process, we can’t change ourselves in just two days. We must try every way and find the right way and we can commit to the choice for a long period of time.

Overall, this workshop was so fun. The participants enjoyed this workshop even though this workshop was held online via Skype. The speaker, Arifah, also delivered the presentation with very enthusiasm and fun. We hope this workshop can be useful and can be applied in everyday life.

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