Turning Ideas into Media: Video Editing

Did you know? Video will dominate 69% of internet network in 20171. Nowadays many people use video to promote their publication in many social media and to attract more viewers. Turning Ideas into Media: Video Editing


Photo session with speaker and participants

Media training had two goals. First, to increase new innovation for IFSA LC UGM project publication. Because the previous publication was just a poster. Second, to increase the capability for all member of IFSA LC UGM in video editing. We provided a platform for all member to learn more about video editing, one of them was giving a chance to get free video editor software. We used Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5 because the application is available to be run in all type of personal computer and its completed features and tools for basic editing.

We invited Mr.Iqbal Maulana Akbar as our speaker. He was editor of the best video KKN UGM 2016 in Supiori, Papua. There were 2 sessions of media training: presentation about video editing and demonstration how to edit the video by using video editor.


Mr. Iqbal Maulana Akbar as the speaker

From the presentation session, He explained hat most of people used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the video because of its completed features. Before editing the video with the software, there are 3 steps of video editing: pre-production, production, and post production. Pre-production is needed to decide the scenario for the video. The scenario consists of script, story board, production team and budgeting. The next step is production. In production we prepare the authoring content, proofing, editing, assembly, formatting, and compression for the video. Authoring content consists of animation, graphic, music, text, and others. The last one is post production. Here, we will edit the video by using the software.

The next session was demonstrating how to edit video. The material was given by the speaker.  The important thing to start video editing is welcome page. We have to decide video editing file location and file name. Then we can start video editing. Using Adobe Premiere Pro, there are 4 parts: video source, library, video preview, and timeline. Video source is part to see the video preview from document and effect control. Editor can edit the video for 1st time such as cut the video. Library will show you the file of video. Video preview will show the video file from video source and you can edit the video here again by cutting the video and others. You will arrange the videos and combine them in timeline. Timeline part, we could arrange the sound, give effect, add text, and many more.



Speaker presented basic video editing

We could add the effect of color grading and correction for arranging the color of video by using effects tool then choose fast color corrector, add text by using title tool and arrange the volume of video by using audio gain tool. After finishing editing, we have to decide the type of saving the video. Commonly, we can use type “custom”. It will adjust the video with place for uploading the video such as social media. Because every social media has their own specification for video.

After finishing the session, speaker also told us recommended video about video editing. He also showed us his KKN Video in Supiori 2016. From all session, we would like to say thank you to our speaker for giving us many ideas to edit the video and all participants from IFSA LC UGM for their attendance. Hopefully, this media training, will increase the quality of publication and capability in video editing for all members. See you in the next media training!

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