Press Release IFSA: Rural Teaching & Mini Library


To be survived and make the world a better place for everybody, we need something powerful to achieve it. Education gives the people skill, experiences, and tools they need to survive. By learning language, people are available to get more access to the whole new level. With a proper language skill, people can get unlimited education. In this millennial era, people thinks how to get more money and fame, but less on education. The low number of Indonesian who likes to read is one of the big evidence about our education condition especially in rural area.

The importance of education and language skill, brought Language Commission of IFSA LC UGM holding a project called Rural Teaching and Mini Library. Rural Teaching is an activity to teach students from rural area and making a small library to encourage students reading more books.

This project took place at Desa Karangkulon, Kabupaten Magelang that was held once in two weeks from September to November 2017. Member of IFSA LC UGM were teaching the students voluntarily. We diveded the students into two groups. Group one consisted of first to third grade students and the second group consisted of fourth to sixth grade students.


By this project, member of IFSA LC UGM had the opportunity to encourage and teach the kids in rural area thus the children got new experience about English. Every group was handled by 3 volunteers with a different material for each group to suit their curriculum. For the elder group they were thought about basic knowledge of English like letters, numbers, day, month, etc. For the older group they were thought about tenses, feelings, and daily stuff.


Time flies, I’m sensing some improvement from the kids. Some of them start gaining the confidence, even some of them enthusiast to be role model for another kids happily. At the end of this project, we provided a mini library with various book to read. I hope their desire to read more will increase by the time. This is just the beginning of our journey to reach our dream kids. Glad to have such an opportunity to study together with you guys. Thank you for all the people who participated on this project, hope all our efforts will be paid off and giving a good impact for them.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

-Nelson Mandela-

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