Press Release IFSA News and Reward (I-NEW WAR) #3 “Latin America’s Take on the Bonn Challenge” Forestry Education Commission (FenC)


On 31st October 2021, the Forestry Education Commission (FenC) of IFSA LC UGM held the third IFSA News and Reward (I-NEW WAR). I-NEW WAR is one of IFSA’s monthly internal projects that aims to spread awareness to other members regarding forestry-related news and issues from all over the world. This month, I-NEW WAR raised the issues among africans’ lands, with the theme “Latin America’s Take on the Bonn Challenge”.

FenC decided to choose the Bonn Challenge in Latin America as this month’s theme since Latin America has one one of largest forests yet also a massive amount of forest and land degradation. The Bonn Challenge itself has already proven its contribution to mother nature with the amount of continents, countries, states pledge on doing Forest Landscape Restorations. This project has significantly mitigated and minimized climate change impacts by restoring forest landscapes and has already reached its 150 million hectare of restored land milestone in 2017, and is going for its 350 million-hectare goal by the end of 2030.

Due to the pandemic, the project was held online through Google Meet guided by Bintang Ridzky as Master of Ceremony, while the presentation was presented by FenC members, Tsania Intan and Bunga Nadhira. The project began at 3.30 PM with an opening from the MC followed by greetings from the Project Officer and the President of IFSA LC UGM. Before the presentation, FenC brought up a brainstorming game about Latin America’s biodiversity without dismissing the fun a game should have. Then, the event continued with the presentation itself with the topic of the Bonn Challenge and its progress in Latin America, an open discussion session, documentation, and lastly, closing.

Fortunately, this project ran smoothly. There were participants who were very curious on the topic and asked 2 questions and it was followed by a discussion, which added more insights for the entire forum. It is within our hopes that IFSA members will always maintain their spirit in raising their awareness towards forestry and environmental issues. For those who missed the event, FenC provides a special booklet related to the presentation which may be accessed soon enough in IFSA’s social media. We also are always open to any theme suggestions from other members, so please feel free to contact us. Thank you for always lo

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