Author: Faiha Azka Azzahira

On 31st August 2021, the Forestry Education Commission (FenC) of IFSA LC UGM held the second IFSA News and Reward (I-NEW WAR). I-NEW WAR is one of IFSA’s monthly internal projects that aims to spread awareness to other members regarding forestry-related news and issues from all over the world. This month, I-NEW WAR raised the issues among Africans’ lands, with the theme “The Great Green Wall: Africans’ Strategy to Combat the Impact of Climate Change”.

FenC decided to choose The Great Green Wall as this month’s theme since this project is one of the most ambitious projects in addressing climate change issues. It aims for reforestation of thousands of acres of degraded land, provision of food security, jobs, and a reason to stay for the millions who live in Africa, especially in the Sahel region. Not only that it benefits the life of Africans, the success of the project will help stabilize the global climate and thus significantly contribute to minimizing the damages from climate change all around the world. The urgency and potential of this project are proven by how it just earned extra funding in early January 2021 from international organizations, including the World Bank and the United Nations. Thus, we see this project as an issue worth further discussion.

Due to the pandemic, the project was held online through Google Meeting guided by Anas as Master of Ceremony, while the presentation was presented by FenC members, Martin and Faiha. The project began at 4.30 PM with an opening from the MC followed by greetings from the Project Officer and the President of IFSA LC UGM. Unlike the previous I-NEW WAR, this month FenC brought a whole new spirit to the meeting by having an ice breaking session before proceeding to the speaker’s presentation. Then, the event continued with an open discussion session, games, documentation, and lastly, closing.

Fortunately, this project ran smoothly. There are more participants who were willing to get involved in the discussion and offered their opinions concerning the matter, which add more insights for the entire forum. It is within our hopes that IFSA members will always maintain their spirit in raising their awareness towards forestry and environmental issues. For those who missed the event, FenC provides a special booklet related to the presentation which may be accessed soon enough in IFSA’s social media. We also are always open to any theme suggestions from other members, so please feel free to contact us. See you on the next I-NEW WAR!