Press Release IFSA News and Reward (I-NEW WAR) #1 “Carbon Trading: Asia’s Ace in Climate Mitigation Action” Forestry Education Commission (FenC)

On 15th May 2021, the Forestry Education Commission (FenC) of IFSA LC UGM held the first IFSA News and Reward (I-NEW WAR). I-NEW WAR is one of IFSA’s monthly internal projects that aims to spread awareness to other members regarding forestry-related news and issues from all over the world. This month, I-NEW WAR discusses “Carbon Trading: Asia’s Ace in Climate Mitigation Action”.

Carbon trading was chosen as this month’s theme since the climate crisis is reaching its tipping point. We see the carbon trade as one of our golden strategies to tackle the climate crisis as it provides a win-win solution, both for the social-economic and environmental aspects. Furthermore, Indonesia, a country well-known for its wide range of forests, has the upper hand in getting involved in the market and thus might strengthen its position on the international ground.

Due to the pandemic, the project was held online through Google Meeting guided by Alif as MC, while the presentation was presented by FenC members, Mirza and Rayhan. The project began at 4 PM with an opening from the MC followed by greetings from the Project Officer and the President of IFSA LC UGM. Then, the project proceeded with the speaker’s presentation, continued by a discussion session, games, documentation, and lastly, a closing.

Fortunately, this project ran smoothly. There are view participants who not only asked questions regarding the presentation but also offer their opinions concerning the matter, which add more insights for the entire forum. It is within our hopes that IFSA members will always maintain their spirit in raising their awareness towards forestry and environmental issues. For those who missed the event, FenC provides a special booklet related to the presentation which may be accessed soon enough. We are also open to any theme suggestions from other members, so please feel free to contact us. See you on the next I-NEW WAR!

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