Author: Nahda

Saturday, 13th November 2021


                On 13th, November 2021, Language Commission of IFSA LC UGM had a webinar Sharing Experience 2021. The purpose of the project is to tell about experience during work in the forestry sector in companies and institutions in international scope and tell about soft skills and hard skills needed to achieve the desired profession. The theme for this project is “Working Space on Forestry”. We chose this theme because we want to introduce professions that can be achieved when graduating from forestry. Currently, the ability to innovate and the thoroughness to think creatively is very much needed to respond to the increasingly competitive international market situation.

The Language Commission invited 2 speakers who are also alumni of IFSA LC UGM to share their experience in that profession. The first speaker was Arifah Hidayati as project officer of peatland restoration project in Korea Indonesia Forest Cooperation Center (KIFC). She gave a presentation about the KIFC, challenges and opportunities working in the forestry sector, also soft skill and hard skill needed.  Next, the second speaker was Ariel Adimahavira as marine plastic litter task force management support in UNDP Indonesia. He gave a presentation about how we can get to work in a UN agency, especially the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). In addition to the presentation session, at the end of the event there was a game session using Kahoot. At the end there was also a documentation session with all participants to capture the moment from this webinar.

This webinar is expected to add information and insight into the international forestry profession. We would like to thank all participants who attended this webinar and have a nice day!


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