by Teuku Moch. Alif Maulana Risaf

Tuesday, 7th December 2021


On 7th December 2021, Language Commission of IFSA LC UGM posted the third episode of IFSA LC UGM Podcast. The purpose of this third episode is to share our activities at English Club 6 and to train our English skills.

The theme for this third episode of the podcast is “Arguments Battle”. In this podcast, we share our activities at English Club 6, which is a debate. The purpose of this debate is only for fun and to train our english skills only. We hope everyone who listens to this podcast will have fun and enjoy our content.

We were really sad to say that this was the last episode for ILU_POD in 2021. We hope that everyone can enjoy our three episodes of ILU_POD and stay tuned for our next episodes of ILU_POD in the upcoming year. Have a nice day, thank you! ☺

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