Author: Damar Tyas Sasmitaningrum

Friday, 5th November 2021

On 5th November 2021, the Language Commission of IFSA LC UGM held the sixth and last English Club of this year. The purpose of this event is to improve our spoken English while delivering our opinion and as a platform to interact and strengthen the bond of IFSA LC UGM’s members with KM FKT.

The theme of this EC is “Argument Battle”. We decided on this theme because we want the members to train their speaking and analyzing skills. We started the session by dividing the participant into pro and contra teams. Then, a motion is chosen through the spin wheel and the chosen motion will be used for debate. After the debate session, we did a riddle game. After the game session ended, the debate continued. We had fun doing it.

That is all for the last English Club we have this year. Hopefully, we can hold more interesting EC concepts for the next project. Stay tuned and follow our social media for further information, have a nice day. See you! ☺

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