Author: Anzela Roseria Purba

Saturday, 25th September 2021 | On 25th September 2021, the Language Commission of IFSA LC UGM held the fifth English Club of this year. The purpose of this event is to practice speaking English and to improve listening skills while having fun and as a place to interact and strengthen the bond of IFSA LC UGM’s members.

The theme of this English Club is “Tell The Tale”. The theme reflects the event to be carried out which is we want the participants to be able to tell the stories based on the question given and also hear stories from other participants. This English Club is divided into three sessions, two main events, and an ice-breaking session. The main event is also divided into 2 parts, there’s one before and after ice breaking. In the main event, participants who will answer questions are appointed using a spin wheel and after that, they should answer the question within 5 minutes. For the ice-breaking session, the participants are divided into 2 groups. The groups are appointed by MC to choose the desired card from the cards provided. After that, the group that has been appointed is given the opportunity to make a story based on the topic and genre given through the cards that have been selected. This event was very fun and the enthusiasm of the members was great because this event was attended by more than 15 participants. We hope the participants could learn new things that can be useful in the future during this event.

There will be more English Clubs in the future. Stay tuned and follow our social media for further information, have a nice day!