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Education is important in life because it gives people the skills and tools they need to navigate the world. Without education, people would not be able to read, write, calculate or communicate; they would also not be able to perform jobs competently, accurately and safely.

Education also teaches people about the world in which they live, including information about history, philosophy and culture. Above all, in this era, education is the key to lifting families out of poverty.




The importance of education itself, bring Language Commission of IFSA LC UGM to do a charity project called Intensive Rural Teaching. Intensive Rural Teaching is an activity to teach elementary school’s students from rural area.

This project took place at Desa Somokaton, Kabupaten Magelang that was held once a week from September to November. Member of IFSA LC UGM was taking turns to teach the students voluntarily. There, we teach them English and Environmental Education.





By this project, member of IFSA LC UGM have the opportunity to gain new exprience and raise awareness about the society around them. Then the elementary school students can obtain more knowledge in addition of school. The students in Desa Somokaton were enthusiastically join Intensive Rural Teaching every week, although it was their holiday time.

The students that first to third grade were being grouped then the fourth to sixth grade were separated at different group. Every group was handled by three to four volunteer. Every group has different material that suit their knowledge and their school curriculum. The younger students get to learn the basic English and basic Environmental Education. Then the older one, learn about how to make a simple sentence and did some conversation. The volunteers basically wanted to encourage the students to improve their public speaking.

The students in Desa Somokaton were enthusiastically join Intensive Rural Teaching every week, although it was their holiday time.

By learning every week, the student’s skill have improved little by little. Some of them even not too scared or shy to ask a favor from the volunteer. Almost all of them were obedient and pay attention to what the volunteer say. At the last meeting, the students were given a lot of questions about what have they learned before.


Here the skill improvement of the students could be seen. Almost all of them could answer what the volunteer asked. They were impatient to be point up for answer the question. All of them look enthusias to join the last meeting. Before the class ended, the students was given a task to plant some vegetables seeds so that they could plant it at their house.

That were our last meeting and our last lesson for the students from Desa Somokaton in this semester.




Thank you for participation! Hope this project will be continued in the next year 2017. See you next year, Ciao! 😀

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