Author: Nadine Priscilla

As the pandemic recedes, the Forestry Education Commission (FenC) of IFSA LC UGM was eager to start the term with a brand new project, IFSA Digest. On 23rd April 2022, the Forestry Education Commission (FenC) of IFSA LC UGM held IFSA Digest with the aim to provide forestry news headlines with many subtopics to discuss.  The first IFSA Digest brought news about the 17th G20, with the theme “Get to Know More about G20: Their Role in Battle Against Carbon Emission, Climate Change, and  Food Scarcity”. 

Since the 17th G20 is being held in Indonesia this year, FenC found this topic an important issue to discuss further. The 17th G20 Heads of State and Government Summit will take place on 15th–16th November 2022 in Bali. The Summit will be the pinnacle of the G20 process and intense work carried out within the Ministerial Meetings, Working Groups, and Engagement Groups throughout the year. Here, Indonesia will focus on three main pillars for its G20 2022 Presidency, namely: Global Health Architecture, Sustainable Energy Transition, and Digital Transformation.

This project was held offline at Ruang IV Fakultas Kehutanan UGM with Clara Citra Arundati and Nilo Wijaya as Master of Ceremony, while the presentation was presented by FenC members, Valencia Anggita Putri, Nurmalita Widyasari Putri, and Bintang Ridzky Alfathi. The event began at 1 PM opened by the MC, followed by greetings from the Project Officer. Before starting the presentation, FenC brought up a fun game similar to Family 100 about G20 to give a little sneak peek at what we were going to explain. Then, the event continued with the presentation about the 17th G20 and their latest update, followed by the explanation of their role in solving issues about climate change, carbon emissions, and food scarcity. The arrival of IFSA World’s representatives was also one of the good surprises at this event.

Luckily, the project ran smoothly. The participants were highly involved in the game and discussion session which made the event more pleasurable. It is our hope that IFSA members will always have the spirit and curiosity about forestry and environmental issues. For those who missed the event, FenC also provides a booklet related to the presentation which will be open to access soon on IFSA’s website. Also, we are always open to any theme suggestions from other members, so please feel free to contact us through IFSA’s social media. Thank you for anticipating IFSA Digest!