Press Release IFSA Collaboration (I-CON) #1 “Span the Horizon: Counting Down the End Point of Palm Oil Moratorium, Who Will Be the Next One to Suffer?” Forestry Education Commission (FenC)

Even with the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemics, it could not stop the spirit of IFSA LC UGM to hold a project. IFSA Collaboration or I-CON is an agenda of Forestry Education Commission (FenC) mainly to connect IFSA LC UGM and other IFSA LCs both nationally or internationally. Other than that, it also enhances members’ critical thinking concerning local forestry issues. Our first edition of I-CON which was held on June 5th, 2021 with its theme “Span the Horizon: Counting Down the End Point of Palm Oil Moratorium, Who Will Be the Next One to Suffer?”, we invited IFSA LC UNHAS from Universitas Hasanuddin.

Though there was a bit of technical problem, the event overall went smoothly. The Master of Ceremony (MC), Muhammad Zuhair, opened the project at 08.40 (UTM+7) and followed by an opening speech from the Project Officer, President of IFSA LC UGM, and President of IFSA LC UNHAS. Afterwards, Rizka Afif Muhammad as the presenter of IFSA LC UGM briefly introduced IFSA LC UGM. Followed by Adit Rinaldi Mponoi, who is the presenter from IFSA LC UNHAS. Next session was a Question and Answer (QnA) time for participants who are curious about each IFSA LC agendas, publication of organization, etc.

The last main session was a discussion panel about the project theme, Palm Oil Moratorium. It started at 09.55 (UTM+7) with a presentation from FenC in terms of Instruksi Presiden No. 8 Tahun 2018 which mentioned the urgency and mechanism of palm oil moratorium. The discussion occurred densely with many participants giving their thoughts on the floor. Some of them also asked a couple of questions regarding the topic. At the end of I-CON #1, we announced two winners who gave the most critical perspectives, they are Tri Nadia from IFSA LC UNHAS and Naufal Noor from IFSA LC ULM. Last but not least, we documented our project with a photo session with all of the participants. I-CON #1 was closed with much happiness and togetherness all around the meeting room. What a great day! Truly cannot wait for the next collaboration!

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