IFSA LC UGM Collaborating with SWIFT English School

Faculty of Forestry UGM, November 4th, 2017- IFSA LC UGM in collaboration with SWIFT English School had held the IELTS Simulation on November 4th, 2017. The aim of this event is to increase the students’ ability to get better score. So, before taking the real IELTS Test which is very expensive, they could train here.

As we know IELTS Simulation Test is so important nowadays. IELTS is the world most popular English proficiency test for education, migration, and for applying job. It is accepted over 9000 organizations worldwide, such as universities, companies, immigration authorities, and others. IELTS gives you the chance to train your ear to different native English accents. IELTS test is scored by banded system from 1 (the lowest) to 9 (the highest. The 9-band system is used worldwide so the interpretation of results becomes fairly consistent.


Participants came from several universities in Special Region of Yogyakarta. They were officially registered by filling the online registration form and paying the registration fee. IFSA LC UGM also opened for the OTS ticket. Before the IELTS Simulation Test begins, they have come and showed us their printed e-ticket and their ID card.

This IELTS Simulation Test was opened by the MC, Dickey Hardi to boost up the atmosphere. The first section of the simulation test is a speech from Hanum Yuniati as the the project officer of this event. After the opening, SWIFT English School took over the event for the simulation. There were two session for this event. The first session was 30 minutes introduction and continued with listening test, writing test, and reading test.


The listening test took probably 30 minutes and there was extra 10 minutes to transfer the answer to the answer sheet. Tips for the listening test was about writing everything you hear and think about the right answer in your extra 10 minutes because the record wouldn’t be played twice. Keep focused on listening for answers to questions. Get ready to write the answers down quickly. You could use pencil so you could erase the wrong answer. If you missed the answer just move on to the next question. Before the test began, you could train your ear sensitivity to listen to your songs playlist or movies.

The next was the writing test and reading test. The reading test had 3 section and the participants only had an hour to finish it. The writing test contained two tasks, task 1 and task 2. To finish the writing test you need an hour, 20 minutes for task 1 and 40 minutes for task 2. Tips for the writing test and reading test is read lots of books or articles that suits your interests. Make sure you understand the questions and follow instructions carefully. Pay attention to spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Don’t waste your time too long to one passage or question.

Before the test continues, there was closing session. The MC took over the event for awhile to let the project officer to giving placard of appreciation to the IELTS Simulation fasilitator, SWIFT English School. After that, there were free times for the participant to eat, go to the toilet, or take a pray. The free times were continued by the second session which is speaking test. It contained 2 participants in every shift. The speaking test needed 11-15 minutes for each shift and it had three parts.


Tips for the speaking test is practicing your speaking as much as you need before you take the test. Because it can help you to get used to speak fluently, clearly, and accurately. It is important to talk as fluently as you can and be spontaneous. You have to get relax, confident, and speak more than the examiner.

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