IFSA LC UGM has held IFSA Initiation (I2) or commonly known as I-SQUARE. This year, I-SQUARE took a theme “The 1st Chapter of A Memorable Story” with a hope that our members can improve their skills such as making documents, be a master of ceremony, and enrich broaden knowledge about international forestry. I-SQUARE 2019 was held in two phases. The first phase called Pre I-SQUARE was held at Balairung Universitas Gadjah Mada on 5th March 2019. The second phase  was held at Wisma Kepodang, Kaliurang on 6th – 7th March  2019.

I-SQUARE is a platform for new members of IFSA LC UGM to learn more about this organization and to bonds with each other. Lots of information presented in I-SQUARE such as IFSA, IFSA LC UGM, delegation, how to be a good member of IFSA LC UGM, and work ethics. The informations was given at Pre I-SQUARE. Each informations was presented by Board of IFSA LC UGM in some groups. There was also sharing session between new members and Board of IFSA LC UGM about organizing project and tips on how to be a good member of IFSA LC UGM.

Beside that, we also organize a heart-warming session at I-SQUARE by establishing manito or gift exchange games. Everyone will get manito gift from their secret friend. Other than a gift, there was also a letter written to the person who receive the manito. On the 2nd day, we were playing outdoor games together. There were three kind of games that we played, namely ‘ular naga’, ‘bentengan’, and ‘gobak sodor’. Board and new members of IFSA LC UGM were divided into two groups and we had to battle against each other to win the game. Through this session, board and also new members of IFSA LC UGM could getting closer with each other.

Plotting project officer for each project was the last agenda in I-SQUARE 2019. Project officer was chosen by deliberation with the Head of Commission. Project officer will be the main person who lead the course of a project that they have been choose before. Hopefully, their skill to organize project and their ability to thinking critically could be improved by organizing  projects.

The 1st  Chapter of a Memorable Story, I-SQUARE, has passed. Now we will start our next chapter titled Inclusive Space for Youth Combating Climate Change. Your contribution and support are needed to make this whole year to be an excellent chapter. Let’s work and having fun together in IFSA LC UGM!

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” — Chinese Proverb

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