Press Release 3rd IFSA APRM (Asia Pacific Regional Meeting) 2016 in Kyoto, Japan Part I


The third Asia Pacific is being held in University of Kyoto, Japan from May 28th-June 3rd 2016!

The flight took about 12 hours to get there with a transit in Hongkong International Airport. We, David and Rika, the delegates from IFSA LC UGM, went from Soekarno Hatta International Airport at 12.05 AM and we arrived in Kansai International Airport at 12.30 PM. After we arrived there we went to Kyoto Station by bus, and after that we continued our journey by using train to get to the venue.



When we arrived in accommodation place, we passed administration check with the OC of APRM 2016 first. And after that we rested and prepared ourselves in our room for a few hours, and we continued to have dinner with other participants.

After an exhausting long time of flight, finally we got to sleep in our room for preparing ourselves to continue our activity for the next day.

In the first day, we had breakfast with Japanese food, and it is a little bit hard for me to finish all of the food because the serving size was big! Later, we went to University of Kyoto to join the opening ceremony. In that session, the third Asia Pacific Regional Meeting was officiallybegun. After that there was a speech from President of APRM 2016, Ryota Sasaki, and The Regional Representative of Asia Pacific Region, Veronica Leung.



We then had a coffee break and continued with lecture from Profesor Mamoru Kanzaki about Japanese forest and forestry. Land in Japan has a coverof forest around 66%, and 41% from that is plantation forest. The most common plantation tree is Japanese Cedar/Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica), and others are Japanese Cypress (Hinoki) and Japanese Larch (Karamatsu).

We also had a campus tour. We visited four laboratories in Kyoto University that related to forestry. We visited wood science and biology cell laboratory, wood processing laboratory, tropical forest resource and environment laboratory, and forest resource and society laboratory. Every laboratory is supported by hi-tech equipments and capable human resource.

In the evening, we had International Night, in which each delegate from different country performed traditional dance/music, wore traditional clothes, and showcased traditional cuisine. In that event, Rika wore Balinese traditional costume that is usually worn for praying, while I wore Bataknese traditional costume that is used in traditional ceremony. In this event, we gave performance by singing and dancing traditional song, and also introduced foods from Indonesia, which are Bakpia and Dodol.

We had so much fun because we get to know a lot of new knowledge about culture in Asia Pacific countries. See you in the next press release!

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