Press Release Final Report Asia Pasific Forestry Week (APFW) 2016 in Philippines

5th Day APFW 2016 (26 February 2016), Last Session & Closing Ceremony

After field trip yesterday, not so many people attended at the last session if we compared during first day. The session however only last until 12.30 PM and will be continued closing ceremony at 3.30 PM. Most of APFW booths was already emptied by its owner. Andre is also heading back to Airport this morning.

There is only 2 session in stream 3: serving society forestry and people today. However stream 3 was still anticipated by participants alongside with Asia Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC) meeting at next room in Fontana Convention Center.

Session one: Forest and Water in Action

The session was organized by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) representatives. At this session, we discussed about the important of water security which sometimes is forgettable by people. From summary, sustainable forest management (SFM) can be potential sollution to tackle water issues by encouraging communities to participate in sustainable land management activities.

Session two: Way Forward for People and Forests of the Asia Pacific Region in the Context of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The session was organized by Asean Social Forestry Network (ASFN) and The Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC). At this session, we discussed about the impact of social forestry from local community and national perspectives, facilitated by Mr. Ronnakorn Triraganon from RECOFTC. The speaker from national representatives are ASFN and the speaker from local community representatives are community forest leader in Asia-Pacific region (including Cambodia and Malaysia).

Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony was quite remarkable. At closing ceremony, stream leader from every stream concluded all summary of the session. From stream 3, ASFN and RECOFTC representatives concluded the sustainable development goals can be achieved if we maximize the role of local tenure, agroforestry, and communities based on local wisdom.

After that, the organizer played a interesting video that concluded all APFW 2016 session from opening ceremony, stream meetings, youth workshop, and field trip. As the honor of Mr. Patrick Durst tribute, the organizer played a dedicated video for Mr. Durst and followed by Mr. Durst speech that explained we as forester should re-enforce the local stakeholders and their roles to achieved sustainable forest management which he really hope to achieve better forest developments and sustainable living. He also announced his retirement from FAO and still contribute to society as long he can do.

The closing ceremony was ended by final performance from guest stars and orchestra, sang APFW 2016 theme song together.

Delegation APFW 2016

Andreas Ade Kristian & Michael Jose Mairing



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