By: R. Zalfa Tsamarah Hartarie

Language Commission of IFSA LC UGM held a webinar called English Talk with the theme “Strengthen the Bone of Your English” on Sunday, 28th November 2021 and this was the last project held from Language Commission in this year. We wish this English Talk webinar with the theme “Strengthen the Bone of Your English” can give a more detailed understanding about the general information, important things, implementation, also tips and tricks on English Grammar and Speaking Skill that can be useful in daily basis especially for high school and college students.

The webinar was held online through Zoom Meeting with Faiha from Forestry and Education Commission (FEnC) as the MC. The speakers that were invited to this webinar were Teuku Zulkaryadi, S.E., M.M. who works as a Counsellor of the Indonesia Embassy in Seoul and Jennifer, S.Hum., M.Pd. who works as an active English Teacher and Researcher. The webinar was divided into three sessions, the first sessions was the Speaking Skill material which was delivered by Teuku Zulkaryadi, S.E., M.M., the second session was the English Grammar material which was delivered by Jennifer, S.Hum., M.Pd., and the last session was a game session in form of a quiz that was held in Kahoot which contained both of the materials that had been given by the speakers with a prepared prize for the winner. There was also a Q&A session for the participants after the material presented by the speaker on each session and ended with the documentation by taking photos together with the participants.

The webinar started at 10 A.M. and ended at 12.30 P.M. This webinar went well with more than 50 people participating in this event that came from various degrees of institution. Along the event, numerous questions were given by the participants in the Q&A sessions. Also there was great enthusiasm for the quiz session. As the committee of Language Commission had held this webinar, it is hoped that the participants who joined the English Talk webinar could improve their knowledge and realize the importance of understanding English Grammar that will support the skill to train the English Speaking as well.

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