Press Release: English Club “Speak Up Your Mind”

Author: Dhimas Khairuman

Faculty of Forestry UGM, March 9th 2018 — The ability of expressing opinion in other language is important, especially for college students. The ability to communicate a message, sell an idea, or paint a vision is a critical skill for students who wants to create an impact to the world. Using inappropriate words in expressing opinion can cause misunderstanding and misperceptions to audience. Therefore, we need a training to improve our skills and capabilities on expressing opinion, especially in English.

English Club was held on March 9th 2018 with the theme “Speak Up Your Mind”. Through several activities in this English Club, participants were trained to be brave and express their opinion in public. The first activity was Mini Workshop which aimed to provide lesson about how to express opinion in good ways. The speaker of this session is member of IFSA LC UGM, Asti Aryudhea from Forest Management 2014. The second activity was called “Brace Yourself, It’s Your Turn!”. In this activity, participants were given pictures related to Social Forestry and share their ideas about that picture in front of other participants. After the participants end their turn, they received comment about their content and how they deliver their ideas.

Last but not least, there was “Read My Lips and Boom!” activity. The purpose of this activity is to test the concentration of participants and increase their vocabulary. The activity was done by two people. The comittee gave note that contain word related to forestry and one person will try to spell it without making any sound. Another person should guess what the other partner said. If they failed to guess the word, a balloon will be exploded above their head as a fun punishment.

Expressing opinion is not just about delivering what we want to say. It also need bravery, manner, and proper selection of words. After joinnglish Club, we hope all participants could get benefit and experiences to express their opinion better. For more important and fun lesson, see you soon on next English Club!

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