On September 17, 2021, Media and Communication Commission (MedCo) IFSA LC UGM held Digital Design Training #2 (DDT #2). Digital Design Training is a basic graphic design training that aims to improve the ability of participants in graphic design. Digital Design Training was held twice this year. In DDT #2, MedCo chose the theme “Create Your Unique Poster, Win the Competition” due to graphic design skills that are urgently needed at this time, one of which is to win the poster competition.


DDT #2 began with an opening session by Abdillah Zaraaifa Al Farisa as MC, and continued with the giving of an opening statement from Christina Ayu Andari as President of IFSA LC UGM and Adnindya Jeehan Azzara as Project Officer of DDT #2. Then continued with the introduction of Andang Evrilianto, S.H.G. as a speaker. Next, the speaker continued with the presentation of the material. The speaker explained the basic skills of digital design including choosing fonts, colors, illustrations, and layouts. In addition, the speaker also explained tips for winning the poster competition. After the presentation of the material, he practiced making poster with Adobe Illustrator. Unlike the previous Digital Design Training, DDT #2 brought a whole new spirit by having an ice-breaking session after the presentation of materials and practice of designing poster by the speaker. The ice-breaking session was held through Quizizz, and the winner was Anandio Januar Putra Rustanto from LEM FKT UGM. The certificate was handed over to the speaker, followed by a documentation session and a closing session.


There are more than 30 participants from KM FKT UGM who joined DDT #2. Gratefully, the participants were enthusiastic during DDT #2 and the event went well. For those of you who want to watch the rebroadcast of DDT #2, please check it out on IFSA LC UGM’s Youtube channel or click Feel free to contact us and give criticism as well as suggestions about Digital Design Training and Media and Communication Commission, because your voice matters! See you at the next Digital Design Training!



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