Press Release Digital Design Training #1

Digital Design Training is an annual project from Media and Communication (MedCo) Commission IFSA LC UGM. Digital Design Training, or known as DDT, is a basic training to improve the participants’ design skills. This project will be held twice for this year. The first one was held on 2nd May 2021 with the theme “Design Your Eye-Catching CV with Inkscape”.  More than 30 people from KM FKT participated in the event.

This training was held online through Google Meeting guided by Faiha as MC and material presented by Dana Risqy Prihandi as speaker. The training material talked about how to make a CV with Inkscape in correlation with the DDT #1 theme. The project began with an opening from the MC, greeting from Project Officer and President of IFSA LC UGM, presentation by the speaker, followed by a Q&A session, documentation, and the closing.

The project started at 10 AM and ended at 12 PM. Gratefully, this project went well. There were so many participants who asked the speaker about tools in Inkscape. The committee hopes that the participants can design their CV or use their knowledge in Inkscape for other purposes. For those who want to rewatch this event, they can go to our YouTube Official channel, IFSA LC UGM. Don’t forget to subscribe and follow IFSA LC UGM’s social media!

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