Press Release Asia Pasific Forestry Week (APFW) 2016 in Philippines Part I


First and Second Day  (February 23, 2016)

Yesterday was the opening ceremony of Asia Pacific Forestry Week  2016. As the delegates to this event, we want to inform you that the weather yesterday morning in Clark, the Phillipines, was sunny and bright, so does the meaningful opening ceremony in Fontana Convention Center.

The opening ceremony was begun with the live perfomance and audio visual presentation from creative team describing the meaning of APFW 2016’s logo. The Philippines’ national anthem was also sung in the ceremony.

Opening of the Plenary Session

The moderator of this session is a well-known broadcast journalist, Veronica Pedrosa. There were five panelists that gave remarks; non-executive director and adjunct professor Neil Byron, Doris Capistrano from ASFCC, Tony La Vina, the dean of forestry department of University of British Columbia, and last but not least the president of IFSA, May Anne Then. At the end of this session,  there was a very touching presentation from CNN Heron Awardee, Mr. Budi Soehardi,  about his project in West Timor with his wife.

Streams #2 Tackling Climate Change Challenges and Opportunities

There were two main session in this stream yesterday (02-23-2016). The first one was opening stream plenary that was led by Christopher Martius from CIFOR, which titled  Tackling Climate Change: Opportunities and Challenges. The panelists who presented their perspectives were Tony Lavina on recap and reflection on Paris Agreement, Nur Masripatin on implications of the climate agreement on Pacific Island countries, also Joan Carling and Juan Chang who talked about the role of society and finance sector respectively

After a coffebreak, there was another event also moderated by Christopher Martius from CIFOR. The tittle of event is Fire and Haze: Politics, Economics, and Landscape Transformation. The list of panelist is Nur Rasipatin from MoEF, Harry Purnomo from CIFOR, Riko Kurniawan from Walhi, and then Agus Purnama from private sector.

Streams #3 Serving Society, Forestry, and People

Session 1

Role of Forests in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

The first session talked about the global perspectives of Community Based Forest (CBF) management from regional and stakeholder perspectives. What we know in here is that every country has different methods to formulate a forest management system based on people’s need.

  • Kyaw Kyaw Lwin (Deputy Director General, Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry, Myanmar) from Southeast Asia perspective explained about the CBF in Myanmar which still follows REDD+ plan with 30 years of land rotation.
  • Maria Elders (Land Resources Division, Pacific Community) from Pacific perspectives explained about the success of Fiji Island’s CBF implementation.
  • Pralong Dumrongthai (Deputy Director General, Royal Forestry Department of Thailand) from government perspective explained about the importance of value of forest and how it is recognized as a part of Thailand’s national planning in CBF implementation.
  • From Indonesia, an independent, Yuliantin, from local community perspective delivered speech about her success story in applying CBF in Jember.

Session 2

SDGs and Community Forestry – A Symbiotic Relationship Delivering for People and Forest of Asia Pacific

This session talks about the deep understanding of of Community Based Forest (CBF) and the main goal of CBF implementation in global scales.

Fred Kafeero (FAO Forestry Officer) reported about the implementation of CBF in some nations and the indicator of CBF effectiveness. Data availability is the main challenges of the report. The main indicators of CBF effectiveness are finnancial, percentage of area forest loss, and instutionalization. After reporting, Fred Kafeero explained about the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) created by United Nation, he also explained  how CBF achieve several goals of SDGs.

At the end of of the day, we gathered on reception dinner, everybody came with their national costume. In that occasion, Mr. Patrick B. Durst from FAO announced the winner of some contests, and one of the winners is Michael Jose Mairing from our local committees, who won the cartoon contest with the theme “Growing Our Future”.

APFW 2016 Delegates

Andreas Ade Kristian & Michael Jose Mairing

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