Press Release 44th IFSS Austria and Germany

Hi everyone! We would like to share the experience of IFSS delegates during 44th International Forestry Students’ Symposium (IFSS) in Austria and Germany.

IFSS is the largest annual event of International Forestry Students Association with the general assembly as the main agenda. This event was held for two weeks and was attended by hundreds of students from all IFSA’s local committees all around the world. This event provided opportunity for students to exchange knowledge and build networks so they mutually find out information about the condition of forests in each participating country.




The delegates from International Forestry Students’ Association Local Committee Universitas Gadjah Mada (IFSA LC UGM) are Athiyyah Faadhilah and Sigit Bagus Darmawan to attend 44th IFSS. They went to University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in the morning to attend Opening Ceremony of 44th IFSS. There were speeches from Martin Gerzabek (Rector of BOKU), Gerhard Mannsberger (Director General of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment, and Water Management), May Anne Then (IFSA President), Alexander Buck (Executive Director of IUFRO), Marc Palahi (Director of EFI), and Lisa Lehner (IFSS Chair).

The 44th IFSS was officially begun. They had 27th General Assembly of International Forestry Students’ Association, there were five plenary sessions. The delegates were responsible to participate the most important annual agenda of IFSA. In each session of 27th General Assembly discussed different topic, such as report of former IFSA officials 2015-2016, statutes changes, selection of the next IFSA official 2016-2017, selection of host of IFSS 2018, and selection of host of Interim 2016-2017.

Besides of General Assembly, IFSS also provide some workshops, there are Commission Workshop, the workshop decided which commission remain and which one should be removed or changed. Financial Workshop was about to get to know what is going on IFSA Financial both last year and next year. Regional Workshop was about to elect new regional representatives of IFSA. We are glad to announce that Athiyyah Faadhilah (IFSA LC UGM, Indonesia) was elected as Asia Pacific Regional Representative 2016-2017!




We are glad to announce that Athiyyah Faadhilah (IFSA LC UGM, Indonesia) was elected as Asia Pacific Regional Representative 2016-2017!

Delegates were also taken to some field trips, such as going to “National Park Gesause and Styrian Provincial Forest Excursion”, “Rural wealth from forests”, and “Management of Deciduous Forest”. We discussed about Austrian Forest, the fact that 46.2% of land area in Austria is covered by forests, most of them are mountain forests.






At the International Night, delegates displayed special performance from each country, such as traditional songs, dances, traditional food. Participants also wore the traditional clothes.

On this occasion, delegates from Indonesia had the opportunity to wear Javanese traditional clothes, that is Basofi and Palembang traditional clothes which is made from songket. They also brought some traditional delicacies from different regions such as bakpia, crispy spinach, dodol, tofu chips, and beef floss. In that evening, they sang and danced “Ampar-AmparPisang” from South Kalimantan in the front of all participants. They could learn and appreciate the culture of each country which are very diverse, and strengthen the relationship between participants from different countries while introducing their culture.




Delegates had the chance to present their research projects in their country on posters. These activities became a platform to exchange information on forests management and also the technology that is used in world forest management. They presented two posters.

The first poster is related to the results of a research project with the title “The Contribution of Palm Sugar Enterprises: UD. Sumber Rejeki to People’s Income in Hargorejo Village, KulonProgo Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia”. Presentations were presented by the posters in front of the participants and invited guests.

The aim of the presentation is to give an overview of the role of the management of non-timber forest products such as palm sugar in KulonProgo Regency on the welfare of communities around the forest. This presentation is expected to contribute in the development of non-timber forest products, especially palm sugar and also could promote palm sugar as the one of non-timber forest products to support the sustainable forest utilization.


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The second poster is entitled “Strategy for Natural Forest Conservation in Indonesia”. The poster showed the extent of natural forests in Indonesia and facts about the biological diversity of Indonesia. In addition, they also presented the facts regarding the need of raw materials for pulp and paper in the world or in Indonesia. From those facts, for fulfilling pulp and paper necessity, sustainable plantation management is needed. Forest management must consider the economic, ecological, and social factors in accordance with the principles of sustainable forest management.

In this poster they also explained the conservation strategy undertaken by Asia Pulp and Paper and the Ministry of Environmental and Forestry. The focus of conservation strategies carried out by both parties in the form of dismissal clearance of natural forests by paying attention to the area of high conservation value (HCV) and high carbon stock (HCS), peat land management, improved social community relations, development of forest management unit in the site level, forest fire prevention, low-carbon development and climate resilience, as well as law enforcement in forestry sector.




Alright guys, that’s all of our story!

See you in the next IFSS 2017! 🙂











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