Press Release IFSA APRM (Asia Pacific Regional Meeting) 2016 in Kyoto, Japan Part IV

The Fifth Day of Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (June 2nd, 2016)

This day started from 08.30 am for breakfast, then we had IFSA official session. We had a great announcement: Philippines was selected to be host country of APRM in 2018.  After the session, we went to to Syinko-In Temple.

Syinko-In Temple was completely constructed by Japanese cedar wood. In here, we experienced how to do meditation for relaxing and healing. The instructor said that doing meditation for 20 minutes enables us to increase our attention and consciousness.


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After that we went to Kyoto University for presentation session. Every LC only got 10 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for question.



The Philippines presented about current forestry situation, in The Philippines forests are utilized mostly for the livelihood of local community. It’s similar with forests in Indonesia. Different from Taiwan, ehere they only open forests for tourism, so that they do not utilize timber from forest. To fulfill needed timber, they imported it from other countries. Meanwhile in South Korea, one way of forest utilization is making forest as military training ground.





In the evening, which is also closing ceremony, we had dinner in the cafetaria and ate a lot of variants of food and beverage.  Then we had an auction, in this session the participants or OC could sell anything, such as skirt, hat, action camera, post card, etc. The money from this auction will be used for the next APRM. In the end of this event, OC distributed certificate of participation and announced Mr. and Ms. APRM. The Mr. APRM is March from Taiwan and the Ms. APRM is Zoe from Taiwan.



The APRM sessions are ended. In the next day, we were heading back to our home Yogyakarta, leaving a lot of friends and unforgettable experiences. We were so thrilled to attend this event! Can’t wait to see you guys again in the next APRM 2017 Bogor, Indonesia!


Big thank for the OC on preparing the event. I feel really blessed to be able to join this APRM, although  it was only one week, it was really touching for me and will remain as a wonderful memory. Because of APRM, i have an opportunity to go to Japan and broaden my knowlegde of forests in Japan. I’m surprised to know that 66% of land in Japan are covered by forest, and 45% of the area are plantation forest. All of the forest area that I have visited have a good management and clean, I could not find a single rubbish in Japanese forest!


Becoming a delegate of IFSA LC UGM to join APRM  is one of the best things that I ever had. This is my first time going abroad, and I’m so grateful that I can have it with learning some important things in the host country. In this event, I can build network with participants in Asia Pacific region. In this event also, I learned how to appreciate the difference of culture from each country, and also learned about habit and culture of each people from different countries. I’m so grateful for all of this experience, and I want to thank OC of APRM 2016 that had prepared everything well. Lastly, i just want to say “When you have a chance, run for it


(All APRM Photos credit by Rika Sukmaputri)

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