Press Release 3rd IFSA APRM (Asia Pacific Regional Meeting) 2016 in Kyoto, Japan Part III

The Fourth Day of Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (June 1st , 2016)

We began the morning with the great Japanese breakfast style. We then continued our activities to Nara, which is located in the south of Kyoto. We went there by bus and the trip took about one and a half hour. The city is full of historic sites, one of them is Nara Park.






Nara Park is a large park in central Nara where we can find lot of deer. There is a Buddhist temple inside it, named Todai-ji. It has Great Buddha Hall houses, the world‘s largest bronze statue of the Buddha. Before entering the temple, visitor have to wash their body by incense smoke.

The forest in Nara Park has existed for over 1,000 years. Since long ago, the deer of Nara Park has been considered as “messenger of God”, and people have been living together with them for a very long time. Now the deers are  important tourist attraction, we can take pictures with them and feed them with “Shika-senbei”.






Beside giving positive impact, the deer also give negative impact for the trees in Nara Park. The deer strips the bark from trees and eat young shoots under 1,5 m, there are few young leaves left near the forest floor except for some species they avoid eating. And because of that the stem of the trees is protected from the deer by use wire.




After a tour around the temple, we continued our activities hiking the forest in Nara Park. We had to hike a hill, and we can see the scenery of Nara in the top of the hill. After that, we went down the hill through the forest and saw a lot of kind of Japanese trees. After finishing our activities, we had dinner in Japanese BBQ style with all of participants, and had a rest for our new experiences tomorrow.


See you in the next part folks! 😀

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