Press Release Asia Pasific Forestry Week (APFW) 2016 in Philippines Part II

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The Youth Forestry Summit was held yesterday, February 24th 2016. This event was jointly organized by International Forestry Student’s Association (IFSA) along with the OC of APFW 2016. Moderated by Paula Sarigumba, this event was opened by the opening speech from Dean Dr. Willie P. Abasolo of UPLB-CFNR and President For. Tommy Valdes of SFFI. There were also some presentations in this session, the first presentation was from the coordinator of IFSA-IUFRO Joint Task Force on Forest Education, Magdalena Lackner. She was adressing the global action plan for forestry education, starting from the challenges (such as lack of social recognition) to some of work packages that contain some tools on improving forestry education.

The next presenter was Ratchada Arpornsilp from RECOFTC-The Center for People And Forest, she talked about empowering the youth to be the champions of Community Forestry (CF), why the youth should involved in CF, and current issues on CF and youth such astradional identity loss from youth perspectives, out-migration, unwillingness to be accepted as rural people, and limited access and support. RECOFTC program is about youth involvement in forest policy decision making platform, youth leadership, and promoting sustainable forest management among youth.

Veronica Leung, the IFSA’s Asia Pasific Regional Representative (APRR) was also presenting the forestry in Taiwan. She’s addressing about the forest area that covers up to 58% of Taiwan’s landmass, its conditions and also challenges. The fact is, Taiwan get their 99% supply for their timber demands by importing the timber from overseas. This is because the lack of labour and the high environtmentalist mindset of Taiwanese.

There was also a very interesting program from Pulangiyen Youth Foresters that unfortunately lack of propoer education background, it is called as Indigeneous People’s Forestry Project.They teach youth people in Bukidnon, Mindanao, to manage the 50 ha of CF and also agroforestry based on their daily activities and interaction with forest.

In the middle of this session there was a energizing ice breaking from IFSA members. Then we continue our discussion and workshop about what do foresters like in the future and how do you see foresters in 30 years from now by a series of discussion then converted it to an infographic that looks like a front cover of the magazine.

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In the end of the session we have an opportunity to talk with Champion of Asia-Pacific Forestry, Mr. Patrick Dugan. He was a bit of afraid of the current forest situation in Asia. However, he assumed that the youth will have to carry heavier load than current generations, because forest problems are getting worse every day. However, he still have a hope for the young generation that they will tackle the forestry problem because today’s young generations are smarter and come with many fresh ideas.


This third day was ended with a great fashion show and cultural nights organized by the collaboration from the youth and other stakeholders.

Andreas Ade Kristian & Michael Jose Mairing

Delegation APFW 2016

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