Press Release: 1st Wall Magazine “IFSA LC UGM 2018: Forest and People”

Author: Arifah Hidayati

Hello, peeps!

Finally IFSA Local Committee Universitas Gadjah Mada (IFSA LC UGM) is coming with another wall magazine, titled “IFSA LC UGM 2018: Forest and People”. This time, we would like to announce our newest member of Board as well as the commissioners of IFSA LC UGM. The board is consists of Directions and Head of each commissions or simply called HoC. The Directions are President (Jefri, Forest Management ’15), Vice President (Dini, Forest Resource Conservation ‘15), Secretary (Serena, Forest Management ’14) and Treasurer (Esa, Forest Management ’16). Meanwhile the Head of each commissions are: Syarifah (Forest Resource Conservation ’16) for Human Resources Development Commission, Arifah (Silviculture ’16) for Media Commissions, Almas (Silviculture ’16) for Forestry Education Commission, and Khaerani (Silviculture ’16) for Language Commission. The members of IFSA LC UGM Board 2018 were selected at the General Assembly which was held on December 2017.

According to the title “IFSA LC UGM 2018: Forest and People”, through this wall magazine we would also like to publish the main concept of IFSA LC UGM projects in 2018, which will be mainly focused on forest and its relation with people and local communities. We chose this theme based on the fact that the history of human existence and civilizations is intertwined with forests and trees. Forests are crucial for the goods and services they provide, which people all over the world depend on. We want to make sure that every project conducted by us will be meaningful and beneficial for us and other involved parties, especially students of Faculty of Forestry UGM.

You can find our wall magazine in front of the library of Faculty of Forestry UGM. Kindly read it to find out more detailed information about IFSA LC UGM newest members and theme for 2018!



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