Hello, IFSA Friends!
We proudly present our newest IFSA LC UGM Presidency for 2020! In this period, we adopted a very interesting theme which is ‘Youth Contributions in Optimalizing Forest Products Utilization’. Please look forward to other exciting news from us and wish us all the best!

The Direction

Directions of IFSA LC UGM has tasks to supervise and lead all the activities in IFSA LC UGM to reach its vision and mission. The Directions consists of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Directions are also responsible to be the representative of IFSA LC UGM containing external affairs.

Human Resource Development Commission

Human Resources Development (HRD) Commission is the oldest commission in IFSA LC UGM. The main duty of HRD Commission is to provide various projects to develop soft skills and hard skills of the IFSA LC UGM members. Some projects that HRD Commissions held are Workshops, Bonding and Development Meeting (BOOMING), etc. Other than developing the member’s skill, HRD Commission also in charge of strengthening the bond between members of IFSA LC UGM.

Media and Communication Commission

Media and Communication (MedCo) Commission is a commission that is in charge of publishing updates through our social media regarding projects and other activities of IFSA LC UGM. We are responsible to save all the documentation of each project. MedCo provides several project such as Digital Design Training, Wall Magazine, and Video Highlight.

Language Commission

Language commission is a commission that aims to improve the English skills of the members of IFSA LC UGM through different methods. We also encourage the members to be able to use English more confidently in their daily and academic activities. We have the English Club twice a month, so make sure you join and have fun together!

Forestry Education Commission

Welcome to Forestry Education Commission (FenC). FenC provides project to broaden knowledge of IFSA LC UGM members about forestry issues both on a local and global scale. Our commissioners are always one step ahead and expected to always up to date about forestry issues and share them with the rest of IFSA LC UGM members through various projects. The FenC’s projects are usually discussions but we also do other projects like Forestry Fun Fact and Seminar Hasil Delegasi (SEMHAS). Stay tuned for our projects, we can’t wait to share our knowledge with everyone!

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