IFSA in CBD COP 12 (18th October 2014)

CBD is one of the international treaties came from UNEP in order to conserve the biological diversity and to use it in a sustainable way with the equitable benefit sharing from the use of the genetic resources. As you may know, our beloved Earth has so many types of ecosystems and has a lot of biotics and non-biotics resources to be used by all kinds of living creatures in Earth. The use of it should be managed and ruled in order to make it available for the humans, animals, and plants. Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) is a way to make it possible. The Parties, who are representatives from the countries who sign the treaty and promise to conserve the biological diversity, sharing information and benefit equally to all human races, arrange bi-annual meeting to make decisions to accomodate the effect of unpredictable natural activities that can give impact to our biological diversity (interested? Go into www.cbd.int ).


This year, the delegates from IFSA World, including me, got the opportunity to attend the meeting of the CBD, which was called as The Twelfth Conference of the Parties to Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP-12), which was held from October 6th to October 17th in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Around that time, Autumn was attending South Korea, and some of delegates from the equator had to bear around 1oC situations and maintain our activities to survive the cold. IFSA Delegates were present as the observer, with tasks to observe plenary sessions, to learn how international decisions are made, to build good networking, and of course, to improve ourselves in term of biological diversity. The theme made for the COP-12 is Biodiversity for Sustainable Development. The main objective is to use the biological diversity and genetic resources for a great and sustain development in the future from the current work. Financial mechanisms, legislations, and actions are NEEDED from all stakeholders, including governments, society, indigeneous and local community, youth, students, scientists, to make it true. One of pleasant opportunities I got from the COP-12 was able to attend various side events and able to exchange ideas with professional partners and youth from GYBN (Global Youth Biodiversity Network | www.gybn.org), KCBD (Korean Council for Biological Diversity), and many other youths about biological diversity and practical ways to conserve and make it sustainable for the now and future generations!

IFSA also had a chance to join GYBN side event and held our very own side events! In GYBN’s side event, Citra (IFSA LC UGM) and Laura (IFSA LC Freiburg) presented IFSA Strategic and Activities that are related to Aichi Targets. Our side events, each of them titled as “The Role of Youth in Mainstreaming Biodiversity for Sustainable Development” and “Global Understanding in Forestry Education” were successful!


Want to know more? Look forward to IFSA LC UGM’s Output Seminar that will be held very soon and IFSA Delegations Report that will be uploaded on www.ifsa.net.

Gain Knowledge and Build Good Network while Conserving our Nature!

 Juan Samuel Simbolon


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