Open call for member

IFSA LC UGM presents I-SQUARE 2017!

This is an annual event to recruit you as an official member of IFSA LC UGM.
So, how to get involved in this event?
Follow these following steps:
1. Fill out the registration form in this link https://goo.gl/forms/MHNYSMNFsepdSotH2until February 4th 2017.
2. Interview session will be held on February 6th 2017.
3. Accepted member will be announced on February 8th 2017.
4. Join Pre I-Square on February 11th 2017.
5. I-SQUARE 2017 will be held on February 17th-19th 2017.
If you have any question regarding to I-SQUARE, do not hesitate to contact our contact person.

Find a wonderful sense of being forestry students by joining IFSA!

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