Author: Farah Dini Rachmawati

IFSA LC UGM held IFSA Initiation (I2= I-Square) in Putra Jaya Villa, Kaliurang, Sleman on February 16th– 18th, 2018. I-Square is an event to inaugurate IFSA LC UGM new members. Candidate members were given materials all about IFSA. Furthermore, this event also gave a chance for them to get closer to each other.

In the material session, the candidate members got some information and knowledge about IFSA, IFSA LC UGM, and delegation. This session encouraged candidate members to be more active, not only hearing the explanation from the speakers but also time for asking question session available for them. There were session for them to discuss about some topics and they were expected to present he result of their discussion. Hopefully, they will not only know about IFSA and its process, but they also got the chance to improve their ability of thinking critically and to encourage themself to speak up.

Manito Time! It was a highly anticipated session by the participants. Before they attended this event, participants were obligated to bring manito for their secret friend. This session started by mentioning someone’s name randomly and they gave manito to their secret friend. When the manito delivered properly, someone who received it must read the message that was written by the sender. There were lots of fun when the message was being read, it warms the atmosphere.

Beside manito time, there was also fun outbond activities that also had a goal to make participants getting closer to each other. I-Square closed with the ceremonial process to inaugurate candidate members as official member of IFSA LC UGM. See you in I-Square 2019!