I-SQUARE IFSA LC UGM 2017 was succesfully held by the Board of IFSA LC UGM 2017 in Piyungan. We had so much during I-Square. Then, what is actually I-SQUARE IFSA LC UGM 2017?

     I-SQUARE of IFSA LC UGM 2017 goals were to promote internee of IFSA LC UGM to be official member of IFSA LC UGM, also to upgrade member’s knowledge about IFSA and IFSA LC UGM. We had two section in I-SQUARE of IFSA LC UGM 2017, they were Pre I-SQUARE IFSA LC UGM 2017 and I-SQUARE IFSA LC UGM.

We had lots to learn in Pre I-SQUARE, we learned about writing from Dian Yuanita, she was well known as one of “Mahasiswa Berprestasi Universitas Gadjah Mada 2015” candidates , she taught us how to be a good writer. We learned how to deliver our thoughts in a good sentences, so people who read could get the message of the writer. Dian Yuanita made 2 sections, they were “Proposal Writing” and “Article Writing”. We got all the knowledge from her regarding to how to write our thoughts in beautiful sentences.                                                      DSCN9611Public speaking skill is also something important for being a commissioner in IFSA LC UGM, we were trying to improve the capacity of public speaking skill of the internee, this  session was presented by Riandhika Adityawan, he has incredible experience in public speaking skill, he is from Faculty of Culture Science UGM. He told us the importance of having a good public speaking skills as a student. Also, he shared his experience the most problematic of being a public speaker and absolutely how to solve it.                                                          DSCN9631

Going to the third material, we are got project making material by our Vice President, he is Sigit Bagus Darmawan. He shared his experience regarding to how to design a good project, the steps of making a project, also he shared the problems that mostly be faced by project officer and how to solve the problems. IFSA LC UGM actively sends its representative to attend international event related with forestry, such as International Forestry Students Symposium, Asia Pacific Regional Meeting, UN Meeting (UNCBD and UNFCCC), and other international meetings.                            DSCN9648

Every internee should has the knowledge about delegation in IFSA LC UGM, we invited Ariel Adimahavira as a speaker to deliver what should delegate prepare, increase, and the delegation processes. Delegation processes was our last material in this Pre I-SQUARE 2017. We already got all the knowledges and experiences from the speakers.                                            DSCN9649

I-SQUARE was held successfully on 18th-19th of February 2017 in Piyungan Village, Yogyakarta. On 18th of February, We trained all the internees to get more knowledge regarding to promote them as an official member of IFSA LC UGM. IFSA was the first material that all the internee got, our Vice President, Sigit Bagus Darmawan, presented this section, basically he explained about the structure of IFSA, he shared about officials position in IFSA, its job descriptions, and IFSA’s proffessional partners. The internee should has basic knowledge about IFSA. In the end of this section, they were given a paper and brief all the IFSA knowledge in their way, and absolutely the internee presented it. Our secretary, Galih Ratna Sari, presented about IFSA LC UGM. She explained the structural of IFSA LC UGM, its position in Faculty of Forestry UGM, and all the activities in IFSA LC UGM. We expected that all internee would have beyond initiative regarding to IFSA LC UGM projects ahead.

Talking about IFSA, one thing should be in our mind is “official position”. What is official position? Official position is such a position in IFSA, the one who do particular task in IFSA regarding to the sustainable of IFSA ahead. How to be an official? Our President, Athiyyah Faadhilah, explained to us what kind of official in IFSA, how to be an official, and the tasks of official. Athiyyah is good in explaining this material, because she is currently one of the officials in IFSA. She holds Asia Pacific Regional Representative position now. What a suitable speaker! Choosing officials would be in a General Assembly of IFSA. Do you know General Assembly? Well, basically General Assembly is an event that changing and updating the statutes of an organization and also choosing the next officials of its organization. This material was also presented by Athiyyah Faadhilah as our President, the Internee should know how do we hold a General Assembly, we also did some simulation of General Assembly! That was fun!                                              IMG_3490

One of delegation in IFSA LC UGM is United Nation Meeting (UN Meeting). Delegates of UN Meeting would be representative of IFSA to attend the UN Meeting, there are some processes, how to be a UN Meeting delegate. Asti Aryudhea, as our treasurer, presented material about UN Meeting. There were some brief explanation about UN Meeting, how can we apply it, and the process that we should pass during delegation processes. Asti Aryudhea was a delegate from IFSA to attend United Nation Convention on Climate Change COP 21 2015 in Paris, France. She elaborated the material in detail. She is so inspiring. In the end of this section, she made a little debate with all internees about one of topic that brought up in UN Meeting. After an exhausting day, full with materials, we held a Manito and Heartwarming Session in evening. This session gave the participant a chance to give a special gift and a simple yet inspiring letter on it to other participants. We did motivating each other by sharing the experience during the day of I-SQUARE and during being member of IFSA LC UGM. Such a nice yet heartwarming session ☺                  IMG_3510

19th of February 2017 was our second day of I-SQUARE 2017, we had some field activities, such as sport dancing, that was led by Erlita Indah Savitri and Alnus Meinata, the second one was outbond activities. We played games called Gobak Sodor and Boy-boy an. We were divided into 2 groups. One group consisted of 8-9 people. Finally, we got a winner. That was so much fun. We did enjoyed it.                               IMG_3708IMG_3772IMG_3778

Back to materials session, Board Member presented about their projects for one year ahead and all participants gave their comments and asking for questions regarding to the projects. After all the projects plan was fixed, we held Commission Workshop, in this workshop, all commissioner proposed to be a project officer in their commission and successfully listed as a project officer in their commission after approved by its head of commission.

In the end of I-SQUARE of IFSA LC UGM, we held inauguration for the 17 skillful member. We inaugurate them to be official member of IFSA LC UGM, they got to sign a statement letter that consists of their obligations and rights of being IFSA LC UGM member. They were officially inaugurated by Athiyyah Faadhilah, as President of IFSA LC UGM. Now, they are officially IFSA LC UGM member. Hyeyyy!!                             IMG_3956 IMG_3955 IMG_3963

Join IFSA LC UGM and find a wonderful sense of international level in local level! Join our activities, such as English Club, to improve your ability in English! Last but not least, a true winner is someone who not only win, but face their problems, solve it, and still getting out of it as a winner.                                                      IMG_3807

PS: The next I-Square of IFSA LC UGM will be held on 2018, Go prepare yourself!

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