I-SQUARE 2015 (20th February 2015)

Happy New Year 2015! Although it is late, please let me to greet you all with the  new breeze of new year and new hope! As the year changes, IFSA LC UGM also has many changes in its body. With new board, we also have new projects, and new dreams, without forgetting the previous dreams which have not been fulfilled in last year. The new board, A Team, will present to you our best and our efforts throughout 2015 and will keep the spirit until the end.

What is I-Square?

I-Square a.k.a IFSA Initiation is a project to substitute our two-time Upgrading. This project will be the shortcut for all of you who are interested in joining IFSA LC UGM as the official members. We divide this initiation into two parts, Workshop and Upgrading. In the first part, you will get series of activities to develop your soft skill and knowledge that are (in our perspectives) IMPORTANT to face the challenges as official IFSA LC UGM member and also IFSA WORLD. After you got into the Workshop, you will dig deeper into our IFSA stuffs in Upgrading. In Upgrading, you will be given knowledge about IFSA and its activities, both international and in local committee.





In I-Square 2015, The Workshop was held on one day, 19 February 2015, in Lecture Room 6 FKT UGM. The event was started at 09.30 with Ariel Adimahavira (THH 2011) as the MC for that day. We gave four materials for our candidate members, which are Public Speaking, Writing, Delegation, and Project Making. Those materials are the essentials for candidate members before jumping into IFSA LC UGM. Muhsin Al-Anas, the Chief of KOMMAPRES 2015, taught us that in public speaking, there are four steps to do, such as preparation, rehearsal, organizing your speech, and action! Some great speakers would like to know the venue and the condition of the audience before they speak in front of them. This step is needed to prepare themselves and also to able to control the audience. Would you like to go to do public speaking without rehearsal? Well, if you are the experts, you can do it. But, to convince yourself and to make sure that  you would not be a blunder during delivering your speech, Mr. Muhsin suggests to do a rehearsal, in front of the mirrror, by yourself. This will gain your confidence and make yourself ready for it! Time management, materials, are some of the components that are needed to be organized before speaking in front of the public. Make sure you use the time given to you wisely and you are able to deliver your speech in the language that are understandable by the audience. In D-Day of delivering your speech, you have to put a smile on your face and speak in a proper speed, not too slow, not too fast. The second material is about writing. Ms. Lintang, Editor in Chief for Balairung 2015, a student-organized news media, brought to us how to make a good writing with acceptable and proper words and sources. There are some methods to dig the references that you need for completing your writing, from books, journals, interviews, and also researches. Mannered words with interesting choice of words can attract the readers to read your writings. First paragraph usually shows the interesting or special part that differentiate your writing from other writings. Writing is also a way to express your feeling towards some topics that are interesting for you. Ms. Sekar delivered about the delegation, IFSA delegation. IFSA has so many delegations, from annual IFSA events, IFSS and APRM, to international level meetings such as UN Meetings and professional partners’ meetings. “We need to go abroad and to explore all things outside of our county, in order to develop our own country and our own personality”, she said. She also encourages the candidate members to always practice on our writings, such as paper, motivation letter, and curricullum vitae by doing it by ourselves and looking for the examples online (of course not copy+paste – ing them 😉 ). In delegation, you will find more new things that can develop your soft skills and your abilities that are needed to face the world and its challenges in work field. Last material is Project Making. In Project making, you have to follow some rules, e.g. your own timeline. Timeline is a promise made by you and the time. If you did not obey your timeline, you as well break your promise with yourself, which is not good. Some projects in IFSA LC UGM need an organizing committee, a proposal, and a report. Those components are bordered by some regulations made by A Team, in order to make the project can be held well. The Workshop ended with the full-of-knowledge and well-prepared candidate members with basic knowledge that is important for an IFSA LC UGM official member.

From 20-22 February 2015, the second part of I-Square was held. The Upgrading was held in Piyungan, Gunungkidul. In this part of this fabulous event, we, A Team, official member, and candidates members get to know deeper about IFSA and the activities within it. We also had the chance to do a deep introduction, between official members and candidate members, to create a bond that will last forever. We had serious event and the fun section too. In the serious part of Upgrading, we had some materials delivered by the Direction and Mr. Binsar, our consulting member and also former LO for ITTO. IFSA World basic knowledge, General Assembly, Official Position, UN Meetings (UNFF, CBD, UNFCCC), Other Professional Partners’ Meetings, and IFSA LC UGM are the serious materials that you may need to be the official member of IFSA LC UGM. We combined our experiences and knowledge about those themes and delivered them to our candidate members. In order to deepen their knowledge on them, we did a focus group discussion, a simulation of youth session, and a simulation for vetting. Those actions will build the capacity of candidate members and to engrave the knowledge within their minds and hearts. The fun part (which has been held annually), is RUNNING IFSA, a designated game which is inspired by a reality game show from South Korea, to make sure the fun part exists in this amazing event. The title of the game is Race Number with mini games inside. This game shows the competitive side of our members and the wildness of a human being. We also did a Joget International, a game which has the participants to cover some of international dances around the world. We make sure to keep our bodies healthy and sweaty in the same time.

In the end of Upgrading, we did the inauguration of our candidate members, 22 skillful and armed-with-knowledge members to become the official members of IFSA LC UGM. We also do a heartwarming session, exchanging gifts and motivating each other through a simple yet inspiring letter. The connection between each of us will be endured forever and the fire of passion will light our path during the time being IFSA LC UGM members.47

Wanna be the inspiration of KM FKT UGM? Join IFSA LC UGM and find a wonderful sense of international level in local level. Join our activities, such as English Club, to improve your ability in English!

Last but not least, the fighter will always stay foolish and stay hungry of something new and is able to use the sources nearby to develop itself and people around him.

P. S.: The next I-Square will be held on 2016, prepare yourself and may the odd be on your favor.

Juan Samuel Simbolon

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