First Upgrading of IFSA LC UGM [30th November 2013]



Participants were divided into small groups and spread out into several posts . In total, there were 5 posts, and in each post, senior members would give the lesson about IFSA to the participants. After that, each group should make a resume all of the lesson that has been given and presented it in front of other participants . The best presenter will receive the gift from the committee. The reward in the form of souvenirs from abroad.



And last, participants and seniors playing Scatter Ball Game together. To play this game, participants were divided into 4 groups and each group selected one instructor . Each ball has a point of a plus ( + ) to minus ( – ) . Participants must follow the direction from their instructor and the instructor is the only one who allowed to be talking . The instructor gives the cue 1 to 6 which =


1 = forward
2 = grab the ball
3 = show the ball
4 = enter the ball into the basket
5 = throwing the ball into the opposing basket
6 = stole the ball from opponents basket


The game lasted for 5 minutes. The winner is who has the biggest point and they will be rewarded. At the end of the event, vice president shared Survival Card to participants. It was So FUN guys!!

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