English Debate Competition (2th June 2014)

Training Day that was held on Monday, April 28th 2014. The speakers in this opportunity were Alif from Fisipol UGM, and Ivo from Faculty of Dentist, who are the member of EDS. In this event, the participants will know kinds of debate, Australian style and Asian style. Alif and Ivo also performed the example of speech when they do a debate.


We were proud, when Mr. Sidiq from Dirmawa come to this events and said an opening speech. “The students of Gadjah Mada University have to increase their ability to speak English and tell their opinion in English because they have to realize that they will compete with students from other countries”,  he said,  “This (theme) is really important, when Earth’s problem is really being a hot topic in global level.”


The main day of this event is the Competition Day, when the participants that come from many faculties start express their thoughts by English. The Competition Day consisted of preliminary round, semifinal round, and grandfinal round. Mr. Mario, as the leader of the judges from English Debate Society Local Commitee UGM, said that the competition would be done using national standard. So, the judges’s grades with the national standard too.


Although, the committee and the participants felt tired, but the process had been paid off by the succesfull of this event. And the most important thing is that we can get what we expect from the participants, which is able to express their mind in English, amazing!

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