18 Apr

Press Release Recharge your Energy in IFSA TIME #1

Saturday, March 27th, 2021 Today, Human Resource Development Commission of IFSA LC UGM held the first IFSA Time in 2021. IFSA Time is an internal project that aims to strengthen the relationship between the members of IFSA LC UGM by holding bonding activities such as playing games together.

This event was held one week before midterm, it is intended to recharge the member’s energy and let them take a breath for the midterm. Due to Covid-19, this event was held online via zoom meeting. In this event, we played two games: ‘Undercover’ and ‘Truth or Dare’. We are glad that the games went smoothly and were well received by the members. Although there were only 13 participants, everyone actively participated in the games.

There will be more IFSA Time in the future, so stick around for more exciting updates. Don’t forget to join us in the next IFSA Time.

17 Jan


IFSA LC UGM is looking for new members! For anyone who wants to be the part of us, please fill the registration form below or through the following link at bit.ly/OpenCallMembers2019 and submit it.

Kindly share this info to your friends and see you soon at the interview session!

P.S. We will let you know the details for interview session through personal message.



17 Sep


IFSA delegates from Indonesia and India outside the United Nations Conference Centre
Source: private documentation

Greetings, everyone!

We would like to share our experiences during the 48th Mid-intersessional Meeting of Subsidiary Bodies of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC SB 48.2) which was held on 4th – 9th September 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. This particular event facilitated the meeting of Subsidiary Bodies for Sciencetific and Technological Advice (SBSTA), Subsidiary Bodies for Implementation (SBI), and the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Paris Agreement (APA). SBSTA and SBI work together to address issues related to the vulnerability of developing countries against climate change and prevention actions done by developed countries. SBSTA and SBI generally hold two meetings in a year.

YOUNGO Preparatory Session
Source: private documentation

On September 3rd 2018, IFSA delegates attended the YOUNGO preparatory session. This session was held by YOUNGO to prepare youth participation during the UNFCCC SB 48.2. YOUNGO is a constituency representing youth and children in the UNFCCC session. delegates who are members of YOUNGO must attend this session to get basic knowledges about the UNFCCC session, which includes the birth history of UNFCCC, working bodies within the UNFCCC as well as the latest developments of several international agreements resulted from the UNFCCC session (Kyoto Protocol and Paris Agreement). In addition, the youth delegates present were also given an explanation regarding YOUNGO’s role as representatives of youth and children within the UNFCCC. In the middle of the session, the delegation from IFSA had the opportunity to get acquainted with several delegates from Gambia, Malaysian Youth Delegation (MYD), and the British Columbian Council for International Cooperation (BCCIC).

Opening plenary of UNFCCC SB 48.2
Source: private documentation
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