Press Release BOOMING 2018 “LO : Chains of Organization”

Author: Arif Tirta Alviana

21st March 2018, Human Resources Development of IFSA LC UGM held Bonding and Development Meeting (BOOMING) with “LO: Chains of Organization” as the theme. As we know that in this kind of time, Liaison Officer is needed in most of events and need some skills that support for being Liaison Officer. The goals of this BOOMING is to increase the knowledge of members of IFSA LC UGM about Liaison Officer (LO), and to develop skills members of IFSA LC UGM of being an LO. The event was handled by the master of ceremony, Ikhsan Fiqra. Almost all members of the commission had attended this event.

We started the event with playing the game “Wind Blows” which was lead by Dino Taufan. The rules of this game were all the participants made a circle and put one of their shoes on the floor. There was one who being the victim in the center of the circle. The participants should move to the other shoes when the victim said about their characteristic. We did this game in the beginning to make the participants focus on the speaker presentation, because this game taught the participants to focus.


The next session was presentation by the speaker, Muhammad Lukman Yazid. He explained all about Liaison Officer, roles and the responsibilities of Liaison Officer, and also what skills needed to be Liaison Officer. He said that the skills needed to be a Liaison Officer are: good at public speaking, good skill on speaking English, and knowledgeable. A Liaison Officer should have good attitude and discipline. Being a Liaison Officer is not easy, there were times when a Liaison Officer got challenges that could limit his performance, such as the troublesome client, less communication, lack of foreign language, and many more. A Liaison Officer should manage themselves to solve those problems.

After the presentation from the speaker, we held ice breaking guided by Ikhsan Fiqra and Dino Taufan. The ice breaking was “Guess Style” about Liaison Officer. We held this game with an objective to review about the presentation in a fun way. In this game, the participants were divided into two groups. The leader of this game would show some word to the participant who was on the first line and he might demonstrate the word to the next participant in the second line, and the second participant did the same until the last line. The participant who was on the last line should guess the word. The group that guessed more word would be the winner. This game aims to make sure that participants really got what the speaker mean.

BOOMING 2018 went well because of the committees’ effort, the participants was so enthusias and the speaker gave a great presentation. We hope the participants who came to BOOMING was having fun with this event and can apply what they have learned in BOOMING.


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