Biodiversity Heroes: The Real Heroes in 21st Century



Indonesia is a country that has abundant biodiversity and called as megabiodiversity country. Based on data of LIPI, Indonesian fauna diversity of the world varies of 2-85 per cent, and the wealth of flora in Indonesia against the world varies of 2-65 per cent. The existence of endemic species such as Bubalus depressicornis (Anoa) from Sulawesi and endemic plant such as Amorphophallus titanium (Bunga Bangkai) from Sumatra approved that Indonesia is a country that has a high number of biodiversity.

Biodiversity plays an important role supporting life of Indonesian people. It can be seen from the majority of the Indonesian people’s livelihoods which are engaged in agriculture, forestry, fishery, and tourism. With biodiversity, people can get income to fulfill their daily life.

In fact, with a great number of biodiversity, Indonesia is still drowning in poverty. It is happen because Indonesian people cannot take advantage of biodiversity wisely. They are more oriented to economic sectors and somehow neglect the aspect of conservation. The impact of their actions is a source of community income will be reduced and the balance of the ecosystem will be disrupted.

One step that can be done is creating awareness on youth. They are the future leaders of the nation that will determine the future of the Indonesian nation. As a youth, we must understand that the economic and conservation aspects need to be balanced in utilizing biodiversity.

One effort that can be done to raise awareness of the youth about the importance of biodiversity is to give them real example. That is what has been implemented by IFSA LC UGM to hold a talkshow about Biodiversity Heroes on May 27th, 2016. The talkshow was held to commemorate the International Day of Biodiversity. IFSA LC UGM invited four speakers, namely Drh. Randy Kusuma and Rosalia Setiawati from Wildlife Rescue Center (WRC), Apris Nur Rakhmadani from Biodiversity Warrior KEHATI and Mr. Saridja, pioneer of  “Wisata Air Terjun Kedung Pedut”.

The Speakers shared their stories about their role in preserving biodiversity. Rosalia representative from WRC said, “One of the efforts made by the WRC to raise awareness of biodiversity is conducting environmental education for children. We showed them around in the area of WRC to see captive animals.

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At one point, we stated that Yellow-crested cockatoo is not a legal pet and there is a child who says  “My mother maintains a parrot at home. Should it be brought here?’ Asked the boy to me but his mother refused because she feel embarrassed”. From the story, Rosa showed that the presence of environmental education from WRC has managed to give an understanding to the children about the importance of conserving wildlife in order to maintain the existence from biodiversity.

At one point, we stated that Yellow-crested cockatoo is not a legal pet and there is a child who says  “My mother maintains a parrot at home. Should it be brought here?’ Asked the boy to me but his mother refused because she feel embarrassed”


Apris from Biodiversity Warrior KEHATI explained that the Biodiversity Warriors KEHATI is movement of young people to the make changes to become knights saviors and guardians of biodiversity in Indonesia. Apris told the beginning to became a member of Biodiversity Warrior is because he likes outdoor activities. As time goes by, he thought about its activities were still less useful as a ‘Connoisseurs of Nature’ and finally he decided to become one of the ‘Saviour Nature’ by becoming a member of  Biodiversity Warrior KEHATI. For his dedication for Biodiversity Warrior,  he lined up to be the regional coordinator in Central Java.

Mr. Saridja who is the Head of Dusun Kembang and also the pioneer of “Wisata Air Terjun Kedung Pedut” has initiative to open “Wisata Air Terjun Kedung Pedut”. The idea came up when he decided to quit his job after his company is threatened with bankruptcy. After that he ran into The Head of Dusun Kembang  and finally selected as a leader in this village. Mr. Saridja was concerned with the number of unemployed people in the village. Then he saw the tourism potential of the waterfalls around Dusun Kembang, he mobilized people to build “Wisata Air Terjun Kedung Pedut”.

Finally, their hard work paid off with a lot of number of tourists. “Memayu Hayuning Bawono” (conserve nature and its content), it is the principle of Mr. Saridja to manage “Wisata Air Terjun Kedung Pedut”. Mr. Saridja has proved that economic activity which based conservation is able to produce many benefits.


The real action has been done by the speakers in protecting biodiversity is a remarkable thing. When all the people only think about the economy, they have to update their thinking by doing conservation.

They are the the real heroes in the 21st century. So, will you be the next biodiversity hero? 😀




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