28 Mar

Press Release BOOMING 2018 “LO : Chains of Organization”

Author: Arif Tirta Alviana

21st March 2018, Human Resources Development of IFSA LC UGM held Bonding and Development Meeting (BOOMING) with “LO: Chains of Organization” as the theme. As we know that in this kind of time, Liaison Officer is needed in most of events and need some skills that support for being Liaison Officer. The goals of this BOOMING is to increase the knowledge of members of IFSA LC UGM about Liaison Officer (LO), and to develop skills members of IFSA LC UGM of being an LO. The event was handled by the master of ceremony, Ikhsan Fiqra. Almost all members of the commission had attended this event. Read More

16 Mar

Press Release: English Club “Speak Up Your Mind”

Author: Dhimas Khairuman

Faculty of Forestry UGM, March 9th 2018 — The ability of expressing opinion in other language is important, especially for college students. The ability to communicate a message, sell an idea, or paint a vision is a critical skill for students who wants to create an impact to the world. Using inappropriate words in expressing opinion can cause misunderstanding and misperceptions to audience. Therefore, we need a training to improve our skills and capabilities on expressing opinion, especially in English.

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10 Mar

Press Release “Class of IFSA: Secretarial and Treasury”

Author: Putu Nuansa Putri Savita Uttari

Every organization has their own regulation, especially for secretarial and treasury regulations that applied. After holding I-Square in Kaliurang, IFSA LC UGM held Class of IFSA with theme “Secretarial and Treasury”. This project aimed to introduce and explain the role of secretarial and treasury regulation for new members of IFSA LC UGM. Held on 2nd March 2018 in Faculty of Forestry UGM, Class of IFSA was successfully held and attended by IFSA LC UGM members. There were two speakers for this project and they presented the materials by using Powerpoint presentation. And at the end of this session, there was Q&A session.


The first speaker was Serena Pynta Phenomenon as secretary of IFSA LC UGM 2018. Serena explained proofread mechanism for all documents. Every document of IFSA LC UGM such as: proposal, report, letter, poster, and others are obligated to get approval from Head of Commission and Direction. It will help the members to correct the content and typographical errors However, proofread mechanism has limited time, maximum 2 weeks before the documents will be used. After that, she also showed the format document of proposal, project report, and fundraising for both internal and external of IFSA LC UGM. At this year, Serena also announced updating contents of IFSA Locker to help and remind every member about the format and content for every documents as the standard of IFSA LC UGM. Though it was complicated enough, but this is the way for making documents with a good quality. “Keep struggling”, Serena said.

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